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Allegations of misconduct. A faculty power couple. A clerkship process run amok. What is going on at the top law school in the country? [Read More]
That Republicans are unwilling to grant it shows how completely they diminish sexual violence. [Read More]
He did nothing and said nothing about Alex Kozinski's harassment. That's not good enough. [Read More]
Whether you are yearning for a few more days of summer or welcoming the fall season with open arms, September will launch the fall programming... [Read More]
A questionable new report would worry any human who likes carbs in the morning, but there's really no reason for alarm. [Read More]
I get some interesting emails from patrons – some repetitive and sent on a daily basis. [Read More]
Summer is perfect for indulgent reading. Yes, it is still summer, no matter that the school district kickoff is Aug. 10. There is still time... [Read More]
The ESA is failing. This will not help it. [Read More]
Our library has seen an increase in library usage, especially with new patron card holders. [Read More]
People living with mental illness deserve more. [Read More]
In two weeks the official summer break for Salida students will begin. At the library, we have been busy developing summer program offerings for these... [Read More]
Grandiose narcissists have a penchant for fascism. [Read More]
The show never allowed her to confront her own advantages. [Read More]
The National Education Association kicked off the yearlong "Read Across America" program March 2, birthday of the adored Dr. Seuss, to encourage communities to gather their children together to... [Read More]
Getting books, DVDs, audiobooks and articles for our patrons from everywhere – how does this process work? [Read More]
Trump's comments on mental health after the shooting ring hollow. [Read More]
I have just completed the Colorado State Annual Library Report. This report allows us to gather statistics about our library, identifying usage, trends in circulation,... [Read More]
It treats both parties like sentient adults. [Read More]
"I hope all the sharks die." [Read More]
Lately I have been striking out with my book choices. It got me to thinking about how I am choosing my books and what draws... [Read More]
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