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The Center for Auto Safety released a new ranking of state lemon laws, its first complete update in nearly a decade. [Read More]
A new documentary film and podcast series provide an inside look at the habits of distracted drivers. [Read More]
A new documentary film and podcast series provide an inside look at the habits of distracted drivers. [Read More]
A newly published study looks at some of the characteristics of teen drivers who text to help determine those who may be at higher risk... [Read More]
When the new Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum of Design opens in Dundee,Scotland on Saturday, September 15, it will be the only V&A museum anywhere... [Read More]
A new report about motorcycle safety looks at some of the risks that cause crashes and possible strategies to prevent them. [Read More]
A global hostelling organization is launching a postcard writing campaign to share personal stories about travel's ability to create peace and tolerance, timed to correspond... [Read More]
The U.S. government has issued a consumer advisory and a series to tips to help protect used-car buyers against odometer fraud, which involves over... [Read More]
New traffic death numbers... [Read More]
Lowering speeds, even a little, can save lives. [Read More]
A new survey details the danger and prevalence of illegal school bus passing. [Read More]
On Vienna Wine Hiking Day in late September, visitors can sample local wine and culinary delicacies at vineyards and taverns on the wine trail. [Read More]
A new report highlights the importance of humans, even in driverless cars. [Read More]
New evaluations of 2018-19 minivans were mixed. The front runner for front passenger protection was the Honda Odyssey, followed by the Chrysler Pacifica. The... [Read More]
Getting some shut-eye on a plane is a perennial challenge for travelers, but there are a few low-tech tricks that can make switching time zones... [Read More]
A new report about older drivers stresses the importance of discussing safe driving as early as possible... [Read More]
The dangers of premature reliance on self-driving technology are detailed in a new report. [Read More]
As vacations become more expensive and international travel more popular, a new AAA survey found that more American travelers are buying travel insurance. [Read More]
Two new walking tours through offbeat neighborhoods of Paris and Amsterdam highlight local cuisine, history and culture. [Read More]
A new survey of more than 57,000 young international travelers offers perspectives and global trends. [Read More]
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