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The preliminary estimates include everything from repairing major damage such as crumbling walls to cleaning up flooding to replacing classroom materials such as computers. [Read More]
The union's vote marks a significant step forward after months of tense contract negotiations. [Read More]
Nearly every Anchorage-area public school reopened on Monday after a weeklong closure. [Read More]
Nearly all Anchorage schools will reopen to students on Monday, but that doesn't mean the buildings will look perfect. [Read More]
Most Anchorage students will return to classes Monday. [Read More]
The Anchorage School District superintendent on Tuesday had said the earthquake may have caused structural damage that would further delay students' return. [Read More]
"I am frustrated with his no-show policy," said Gov. Bill Walker. Dunleavy traded barbs with the other two candidates in a statement to the Daily... [Read More]
In Alaska's legal system, there are a few possible outcomes. [Read More]
Board member Bettye Davis, 80, has been having health issues, said the board president. [Read More]
And how do they intend to pay for those plans? [Read More]
The firm, Strategies 360, is providing crisis communication work related to incidents involving Dimond High School and Ptarmigan Elementary School, the district says. [Read More]
"We're kind of deadlocked," said the head of the union. [Read More]
"Please tell me something that will wow me, and inspire and make me vote for you," an Anchorage resident told the candidates. [Read More]
The school district says Strategies 360 is helping get information out to students' families and the public. [Read More]
No arrests had been made, police said. [Read More]
Before a business crowd, the four candidates running for Alaska's top elected office each made his pitch. [Read More]
The district will hold three open-house events this month, starting Thursday, about the possible changes. Anyone can attend. [Read More]
Alaska Education Commissioner Michael Johnson said in an interview he was pleased that this year's statewide results showed "incremental growth." [Read More]
Former U.S. Sen. Mark Begich held a press conference Tuesday to say he's still in the three-way battle. [Read More]
The Dimond team returned to the field Friday as a police investigation continues. [Read More]
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