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The toll of addiction comes in many forms, and it's nearly impossible to put a price on the healthcare and ancillary costs associated with being... [Read More]
Organisations catering to the carnally curious are popping up all around the country offering individual classes, group sessions or weekends away. [Read More]
With Christmas rapidly approaching some of you may still be confounded by the question of just what to give that Nevada friend or family member.... [Read More]
The U.S. Supreme Court finally has taken up a case that could result in the reining in of the larcenous practice by local and federal... [Read More]
Held annually since 2010 by Clover Leaf University, the Cannabis Business Awards celebrate some of the legal cannabis industry's brightest minds, companies and advocates. [Read More]
To learn more about the plant's impact on women and how they can use it to further their own well-being, we talked to Ashley Kingsley,... [Read More]
The state Marijuana Enforcement Division has decided to tell us what kief is. Perhaps the oldest cannabis concentrate known to man along with finger hash, these... [Read More]
A trio of state health and regulatory agencies have come to an agreement on how to test industrial hemp products in Colorado. In a joint... [Read More]
Moffat, a small town in Saguche County, is expecting some new faces after its Town Board approved Area 420, a unique business compound that could... [Read More]
Reagan Yeomans has seen plenty of changes burn through the industry since she entered the field in 2010. She and her business partner, Tiffany Goldman,... [Read More]
The uberliberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, whose jurisdiction includes Nevada, recently struck another blow against free speech, saying the state of California may... [Read More]
Confederate memorials and statues all across the South are being torn down or moved out of sight. In dozens of states the Democratic fundraising dinners... [Read More]
Denver actors and filmmakers got together to make Mile High Chronicles, a web series mixing legal weed, immigration and climate change together for four to... [Read More]
Confederate memorials and statues all across the South are being torn down or moved out of sight. [Read More]
Colorado marijuana sales continued their summer uptick in July with record-breaking sales, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. The state's dispensaries collected over $138.5... [Read More]
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Rick Simpson Oil, a form of highly concentrated marijuana named after its creator, takes whole marijuana plant matter and extracts the plant's cannabinoids and other... [Read More]
In a speech in Illinois this past week former President Obama called "Medicare for all" a "good new idea." He said, "It's harder for young... [Read More]
Up until the third grade, students are learning to read. After that, they should be reading to learn. That is why in 2015 Nevada lawmakers... [Read More]
To learn more about the cannabis industry's white-label products — something produced by one company for another to rebrand and sell — we talked with Maruchy... [Read More]
A new store selling cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles is open in Lakewood, but it's not a dispensary. Canna World Market, a hemp and CBD... [Read More]
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