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There was a surprise in the air for many Wichitans Wednesday afternoon. [Read More]
Anything that didn't melt earlier is freezing over now as temperatures continue to drop, making driving conditions less than ideal. [Read More]
The love didn't fall short Tuesday night, as people left Deputy Kunze and his family with the message that during this time, they are not... [Read More]
"All of the deputies who were assigned to him for that used to say he was a great teacher, a great mentor and somebody to... [Read More]
Details have been catered to guidelines by the United States Department of Energy to be Zero Energy Ready. [Read More]
The Memorial Peace Garden at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center is a place of healing and hope for veterans. [Read More]
Prevention is the main effort the Kansas Firefighters Alliance is hoping to achieve. [Read More]
They are raising money for animal conservation at this year's Zoobilee. [Read More]
Currently, when Wichita Police get calls to unlicensed after-hours establishments, without a warrant, they can't go inside. [Read More]
Sixty-four inmates at the Sedgwick County Jail have a homicide charge. [Read More]
"It's a hassle to deal with the quarters and coins and honestly it's just something I've gotten used to," said one Wichita driver. [Read More]
Concern tonight over a proposal to build a biofuel plant in Sumner County. [Read More]
In Wichita, a non-profit is providing a sense of hope for those who've served and protected. [Read More]
The Winfield Correctional Facility is providing an option for inmates that gives them a second chance at life. [Read More]
Once all of the provisional and mail-in ballots are counted, either candidate can request a recount, but they will have to pay for it out... [Read More]
One of the main areas that can't be overlooked when it comes to national security is U.S. relations with North Korea. [Read More]
KSN spoke to democratic candidates about their take on the issue, including President Trump's talks with North Korea and denuclearization. [Read More]
Recent reports show jobs are on the rise in the United States. Will that growth continue? [Read More]
Candidates for the 4th Congressional District are weighing in on the economy. [Read More]
We are a week away from the Kansas primary and candidates continue their efforts to gain support at the polls. [Read More]
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