Author: Tim Cole

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The best historical novels excel at capturing the mood of a particular point in time. Robert Harris's new bestseller, "Munich: A Novel," is one of... [Read More]
If you have the feeling we're living in a time of unprecedented change in the way information is shared, you're not the only one. Here... [Read More]
On Aug. 26, the Greensboro Public Library will kick off its biennial One City, One Book programming. [Read More]
Though I have to admit my background in the hard sciences is very limited, the use of DNA to unravel the mysteries of the past... [Read More]
One afternoon, years ago, I decided to make a barbecue pilgrimage to a restaurant called Keaton's, located about an hour away from Greensboro just off... [Read More]
It's sometimes said that spying is the world's "second oldest profession" — after prostitution, of course, which is always first. [Read More]
On Youtube you can find a number of old interviews of the famous psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961). They mostly date from the 1950s, and the... [Read More]
Archaeology is full of romantic adventure tales of lost tombs and cities. Who isn't fascinated by the story of Howard Carter finding the golden tomb... [Read More]
The other week, on my way back from a brief respite at Ocean Isle Beach, I decided to detour through the little Robeson County town... [Read More]
When I was in library school years ago, I presented a paper to my class on book theft — one of those persistent banes of... [Read More]
Remember Bush versus Gore and the "hanging chads"? No doubt that was the most exciting presidential election of my lifetime. I stayed up all night... [Read More]
The ages of migrants seeking asylum as unaccompanied children cannot be accurately determined using dental X-rays or bone scans, says Tim Cole... [Read More]
On a July afternoon in 1863, a young man named Edward Porter Alexander helped decide the fate of the Confederacy at a place called Gettysburg. [Read More]
If you want to read a really great thriller that's apropos to recent developments in the fight against terrorism, you probably can't do better than... [Read More]
Like lots of folks, I'm a big fan of PBS's "Antiques Roadshow." It's just so much fun to see all the wonderful treasures that people... [Read More]
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