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In a ferocious column for Politico, a former member of the National Security Council who served under both President George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton... [Read More]
In a damning column for the New York Times, Nobel Prize-winning columnist Paul Krugman called out Republican lawmakers for turning their backs on the needs... [Read More]
Appearing in CNN's New Day, two New York City first responders trashed Congress for its foot-dragging over providing funding to help those afflicted by illnesses... [Read More]
In an extended examination on MSNBC, host Ari Melber took a hard look at how President Donald Trump creates almost daily distractions for the media... [Read More]
In an op-ed published in a Florida paper — published in both English and Spanish — former Vice President Joe Biden slammed Donald Trump as... [Read More]
In a rare appearance on CNN's "State of the Union," Vice President Mike Pence was grilled by host Jake Tapper over Donald Trump's claim that... [Read More]
During a rambling back and forth with  White House reporters before he took off for Camp David, Donald Trump boasted that his ultimate goal for... [Read More]
In a scathing column from the editors of the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump received a dressing down for his aborted attack on Iran with... [Read More]
In a pair of tweets on late Friday night, CNN host Jake Tapper reported that a Department of Defense official claimed Donald Trump was lying... [Read More]
On the editorial page of the Washington Examiner, Executive Editor Phil Klein stated that the accusations by author E. Jean Carroll that she was sexually... [Read More]
According to a report at Politico, President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is clamping down on donors — including those who have contributed over a million... [Read More]
Responding an article reporting on a major Supreme Court decision that found racial bias in case of a Mississippi black man convicted six times by... [Read More]
Making a guest appearance on Friday afternoon for his perspective on the almost-attack on Iran, Fox News host Chris Wallace questioned Donald Trump's claim that... [Read More]
According to a report at Politico, the White House's use of a lawyer to stand by and block any Congressional lawmaker questions posed to former... [Read More]
As one might expect, Twitter users were both amused and appalled on Friday morning when President Donald Trump boasted that the U.S. was "cocked and... [Read More]
  During his "Reality Check" segment on CNN's "New Day" analyst John Avlon took a hard look at President Donald Trump's boast in Orlando that... [Read More]
Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on the morning after President Donald Trump aborted a military attack on Iran, the top Democrat on the Senate Armed... [Read More]
According to a summation of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, the WSJ reveals that Americans have grown increasingly pessimistic that the country's problems can... [Read More]
According to a report at USA Today, former White House Communications official Hope Hicks refused to answer 155 questions posed to her by Congressional lawmakers... [Read More]
Rob Braun, a fixture on local Cincinnati television for over 35 years, is retiring after stating it was "time to move on" because "I don't... [Read More]
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