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Dear Tom, While Chicago has had record rainfall this spring and summer, many times I have seen on radar where the rain goes around us... [Read More]
Satellite imagery Thursday evening showed the center of a well-developed storm system churning slowly across southern Minnesota. Warm, moist air feeding into this disturbance fueled... [Read More]
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Dear Tom, I have heard the world's "permanent ice" is melting. Is this true? — James Colgren Dear James, Yes. "Permanent ice" is ice that... [Read More]
July has been hot and dry with low humidity adding to evaporation. Heavy rain on Thursday night and through the weekend will bring average rainfall... [Read More]
The ice in the world's glaciers is melting. If the "permanent ice" melts entirely, it would cause ocean levels to rise, causing serious issues for... [Read More]
Chicago's position on Lake Michigan will keep it shielded from temperatures in the 90s for the next few days. Storms and cloudy skies are expected... [Read More]
A cold front can vary in speed and size. It can help predict storms and snow in the Midwest. But by definition, it's the transition... [Read More]
High heat and humidity led another 90-degree day on Monday, though cooler air made for a pleasant Tuesday. The cooler, drier weather should last through... [Read More]
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Dew point and humidity both indicate an important part of the weather and deal with the water vapor in the air. The difference is how... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Can you help me understand the difference between dew point and humidity? Thanks, Dawn Lenza Homer Glen Dear Dawn, We sure can. While... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What was the temperature in Chicago's hottest July? — Robert Chen, Chicago Dear Robert, On average, July is Chicago's warmest month (although occasionally... [Read More]
Northeast winds on the leading edge of cooler, less humid high pressure will signal a marked change in our weather pattern. [Read More]
July 1955 stands as the hottest July on record (and, for that matter, the hottest month ever) with an average temperature of 81.3 degrees. [Read More]
Dear Tom, In comparing this summer's heat to past years, it seems that many of the high temperature records were set in the years 1953,... [Read More]
This weekend will bring heat and humidity to the Chicago area, as well as strong chances of stormy weather. But cooler and less humid weather... [Read More]
The 1950s spawned several top-10-hottest summers. WGN's Tom Skilling gives the details. [Read More]
After an excessively rainy May and June, the Chicago area has turned bone dry in July's opening two weeks. Through Friday evening, the city's official... [Read More]
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