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Dear Tom, My sister in Boston told me it was 16 degrees and sleeting. How could sleet happen at such a low temp? Thanks, Shari... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Has Chicago ever had a winter without a significant snow event? — Judith Grace Campbell, Mokena Dear Judith, It has, and it occurred... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Can you compare the 1967 "Big Snow" with the blizzard of 1979? — Stephen Verhaeren, Palos Park Dear Stephen, The 23-inch Jan. 26-27,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What year did the wind chill factor and the heat index become part of the weather report? Thanks, Phil Richton Park Dear Phil,... [Read More]
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Dear Tom, I noticed the nation's highest temperature was just 72 degrees in Miami on Tuesday. Has the lower 48 ever registered a high temperature... [Read More]
With cold air overhead and low pressure tracking out of the Central Plains and up the Ohio River Valley, then eventually moving off the New... [Read More]
Dear Tom, How much has weather forecasting improved since the 1930s? — Roy Kentish, Crystal Lake Dear Roy, Tremendous advances in forecasting have occurred and... [Read More]
As a weak easterly-moving low pressure system passes to our south, light snow will continue from the overnight hours into the morning Thursday. Minor accumulations... [Read More]
Dear Tom, There used to be a weather-related metric called "heating degree" and "cooling degree" day units. Are they still used? — Larry Lewandowski, Countryside... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Please settle a dispute between two stubborn friends. What were the dates of the first and last measurable snowfalls in the past three... [Read More]
Temperatures in the upcoming week expected to fluctuate between the 60s and 70s as a series of cold fronts pass through the Midwest. [Read More]
The first and last measurable snowfall dates for the past three snow seasons: 2015-16 Nov. 20-April 8; 2016-17 Dec. 4-March 14; and 2017-18 Nov. 10-April... [Read More]
The mercury will rebound into the 70s Sunday and Monday as the city experiences a brief warmup before another cold front arrives late Tuesday. [Read More]
Saturday's highs should peak only in the middle and upper 60s, and Sunday morning's lows should drop into the chilly 40s in inland locations. [Read More]
Hurricane Isaac along with concurrent storms Hurricane Helene and tropical storms Gordon and Joyce were all relegated to obscurity by Hurricane Florence. [Read More]
The American Meteorological Society's Glossary of Meteorology defines "muggy" as a colloquial term for warm and especially humid weather,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, I have a question regarding the origin of the word "muggy". Why does it refer to warm and humid conditions? Thanks, R. Turnbull... [Read More]
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Dear Tom, Can you find information on Typhoon June that affected Guam in 1975? I lived through it. — Deborah Janice, Carpentersville Dear Deborah, Typhoon... [Read More]
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