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Microsoft is bringing its popular OneDrive Files On-Demand feature from Windows to the Mac. MacBook users will be able to sync files automatically when they're... [Read More]
Microsoft Search is a new experience that will power results in Office apps and Windows 10. Bing will remain but also include new integration into... [Read More]
Microsoft is launching a Surface Hub 2S in Q2 2019, but it won't have some of the hardware and software features the company previously promised.... [Read More]
Microsoft's LinkedIn integration into its apps and services is progressing with Outlook and Office. LinkedIn will appear in Outlook contact information in the near future... [Read More]
Amazon and Microsoft are continuing their closer partnership to bring Skype calling to Alexa devices. The support will launch later this year and allow Skype... [Read More]
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Nvidia's new line of RTX graphics cards come with loads of performance promises, but if you are planning to game in 4K, there's only one... [Read More]
Apple is launching a new Siri Shortcuts app for iOS 12 that lets iPhone users create custom Siri queries that will step through routines or... [Read More]
Microsoft has removed a controversial change to Windows 10 that it was testing. The company had been testing a warning prompt for when Windows 10... [Read More]
Nvidia is making it easier for all PC gamers to overclock their graphics cards. Nvidia Scanner does all the testing within 20 minutes, making it... [Read More]
Nvidia is making a big bet with its RTX graphics cards and Turing architecture. The company wants to use ray tracing and new ways of... [Read More]
Apple is unveiling its new Apple Watch Series 4 line of smartwatches today. The Watch's screen now goes nearly edge to edge, thanks to a... [Read More]
Microsoft is planning to introduce a new prompt in Windows 10 that's designed to warn against installing Chrome and Firefox in favor of the company's... [Read More]
Sonos is opening up its speaker platform to third parties, and one of the first to make use of its new APIs is IFTTT. You... [Read More]
Tags: Sonos - IFTTT - music
Microsoft is holding a fall press event in New York City that will include Surface hardware, Windows software, and Microsoft services... [Read More]
Nokia used to manufacture PureView camera phones, and now HMD appears to be working on a Nokia-branded handset with five cameras... [Read More]
Microsoft is releasing Alexa support for Xbox One to testers. The new Xbox Skill will let Echo owners power on an Xbox One with their... [Read More]
Microsoft is altering the support lifecycle for Windows 10 to ease IT admin headaches. Businesses will now have 30 months to update to the latest... [Read More]
Google has built a new password manager into Chrome that will automatically generate random passwords when you sign up to a website... [Read More]
Google is updating its Chrome browser design to be more simple, with rounded tabs, a new mobile layout, and an updated password manager. The new... [Read More]
Samsung's new foldable smartphone might appear at the company's developer conference in November. Samsung has been working on bendable and foldable display technology for years... [Read More]
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