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Carter in the Classroom visits Prairie View High in Rhome to see the students' new morning announcement newscast. [Read More]
Wayne Carter's in the Classroom with students who are stacking up AP credits and scoring well with some of the top schools in the country. [Read More]
Here's a column I never thought I would write: Maybe young people, particularly who suffer from anxiety could use a little more religion in their... [Read More]
Carroll County native Tom Zipprian and his college classmate Daniel Lentz will pitch their product Aquapaw, a pet bathing tool, on an upcoming episode of... [Read More]
Today is the first day of fall, but winter is just around the corner. What kind of weather does the Old Farmer's Almanac say we... [Read More]
One survey shows Americans have largely ignored plea to freeze their credit report. [Read More]
Phone calls from collection agencies: just the thought makes many of us uneasy. Sometimes they call about bills you know nothing about, and that uncertainty... [Read More]
A senior citizen stood to have her social security check confiscated after falling victim to a fake lotto scheme. NBC 5's consumer investigative reporter Wayne... [Read More]
When it is too soon for you children to have their own devices? [Read More]
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RIP Medical Debt is abolishing debt for North Texans using donations from NBC 5 viewers. [Read More]
Sometimes new parts don't always fix the problem, we look into what happened for a Dallas couple who's aging AC died. [Read More]
If your car is damaged while driving through a construction zone, who is responsible for the repairs? [Read More]
For all the nonsense surrounding new rules designed to make the game safer, an inability to determine what is and is not a catch, and... [Read More]
Chances are your newer-model car has safety features you may not fully understand. NBC 5 Responds asked the experts to show us how they work. [Read More]
Two North Texas Mothers hired a characters to appear at their children's birthday party, but the characters never showed up and the company wouldn't provide... [Read More]
The Better Business Bureau is warning North Texans to protect themselves against a fake check scheme. [Read More]
Homeowners in Richardson are meeting to determine what steps they should take to get their damage covered. [Read More]
It's simultaneously hard for me to believe it's been 10 years since the Clean Indoor Air Act went into affect in Maryland and difficult for... [Read More]
Research shows about 70 percent of Americans have a smart phone, but do you know all the things your smartphone can do? NBC 5 Consumer... [Read More]
Characters that were hired for toddlers' birthday parties didn't show up, disappointing the children, according to parents. The parents also said the company didn't refund... [Read More]
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