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He really did it. [Read More]
Tags: Trump - Risky - Plan
Roses are red, Violets are blue, President Trump will sign the spending deal... [Read More]
Growth in Medicare and Medicaid spending per enrollee was slower than in private insurance between 2006 and 2017... [Read More]
With Democratic proposals to provide "Medicare for all" increasingly in the headlines... [Read More]
Will he or won't he? [Read More]
A new... [Read More]
Any Democrat proposing a transition to a Medicare-for-all system can expect to be pressed on a pivotal question:... [Read More]
Republicans have "lost the messaging battle" over their tax cuts, according to a survey commissioned by the Repu... [Read More]
Health care spending per person for Americans with employer-provided health insurance rose by 44 percent, or 4.1... [Read More]
The 2018 election may be a... [Read More]
Tags: Protect - Medicare - GOP
In the latest Barron's cover story, Jack Hough warns of the long-term risks of rising U.S. public debt. [Read More]
In a 93-7 vote, the Senate on Tuesday passed a package of spending bills that would... [Read More]
"The deficits hawks are dead," declared Paul Kane, The Washington Post's senior congressional correspondent and... [Read More]
Larry Kudlow is at it again. [Read More]
Does the high and rising level of U.S. public debt matter? If so, how concerned should we be? [Read More]
Tags: Debt - Why - Markets
Congressional leaders have struck a bipartisan deal to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month and p... [Read More]
With an eye toward November's midterm elections, House Republicans on Monday unveiled legislation to make perman... [Read More]
Bloomberg's Robert Langreth, David Ingold and Jackie Gu take a fascinatingly detailed look at the "secret drug p... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama stepped back into the political fray on Friday, delivering a blistering rebuke of President Trump and the Republican Party while signaling... [Read More]
House Republican leaders said Wednesday that they plan on releasing legislation for a second round of tax cuts n... [Read More]
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