I debated about writing this letter because it will make me unpopular with the wonderful businesses in Springdale. But I just want to say, don't come to Springdale until the season starts next April. They have totally ripped up the road all the way to the Zion National Park entrance. It takes about a half hour to get in or out of town because they have flaggers for a mile at a time. And if you just want to go to the other side of town, it takes about an hour because you have to wait each way. You... [Read More]
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Стандарты красоты в обществе со временем меняются - это известный факт. Но и наши собственные представления о привлекательной для нас внешности того или иного человека не остаются без изменений - иногда даже в течение нескольких минут. [Read More]