Before the Phillies finalized a three-year, $60 million contract for Carlos Santana late last month, they said they planned to make starting pitching their top priority the remainder of the offseason. The search continues for that pitcher. [Read More]
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Harbor Freight Tools - a retail chain carrying a wide range of tools, hardware and other products for the home, garden and car - is scheduled to open in Colonial Heights this May."It's a discount tools type of operation," said Colonial Heights City Manager Douglas Smith. "It's a smaller hardware store that will sell tools, supplies, things like that."The new hardware store will be taking over half of the building... [Read More]
New York City police reportedly ignored more than 1,500 requests from federal authorities to detain immigrants. [Read More]
When stars can't handle their nuclear fuel, they explode in a brilliant burst of light. [Read More]
Yes, you still need sunshine to keep your levels up, but most of these sources of Vitamin D also double as protein powerhouses. It's a win-win situation. [Read More]
Sen. Rand Paul is holding up a vote on the government funding bill using Senate rules. Paul says the funding legislation advancing through the Senate adds too much to the federal debt. If no bill is passed by midnight, the government will shut down. Paul can technically prevent a vote until after midnight. Sen. Rand Paul late Thursday balked at the massive two-year Senate budget deal, pushing the government closer to another shutdown ahead of a midnight deadline. The Republican senator from Kentucky held the Senate floor to object to the massive budget deal, pointing... [Read More]
Officials say the chief of staff knew staffer Rob Porter had allegedly abused two ex-wives. The White House doesn't want to talk about it. [Read More]
Should Mueller's team get the chance to interview Pres. Trump, how will they prepare? We talk to two legal experts to get some answers. [Read More]
We take a look at the incredible feat of engineering Elon Musk and SpaceX accomplished launching the Falcon Heavy rocket as compared to America's infrastructure. [Read More]
Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about how legal defense funds built around presidential scandals often create scandals of their own. [Read More]
"The Trump Stimulus will cost more than the recovery act Republicans fought against so forcefully when Barack Obama was President," says Chris Hayes. [Read More]
Jimmy G. is officially rolling in G's. As expected, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has had his bank account transformed after transforming the 49ers in just five starts in 2017: On Thursday, Garoppolo signed a five-year contract worth up to $137.5 million, the NFL Network reported. The per-year average of $27.5 million is the richest in NFL history. The mega-deal comes after Garoppolo assumed the starting job... [Read More]
A Little Caesar's restaurant near downtown Indianapolis is back open, after health inspectors shut it down Tuesday morning. Inspectors confirm they received a complaint about the restaurant from a man who said he found rat or mice droppings baked into his pizza. [Read More]
Memphis native, Evvie McKinney, won the first ever 'The Four' competition on FOX13 Thursday. It was the moment McKinney's life changed forever. [Read More]
Another organ has been found at the water treatment plant in Detroit. [Read More]
Newark schools held its first Social and Emotional Awareness Day to teach students in every grade level ways to handle stress and trauma. [Read More]
The FBI was monitoring former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page when he said he spoke with White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon in January of 2017, according to a new report by ... [Read More]
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While snow in Michigan during the winter months is expected, some snowfall has the potential of impacting wide areas and causing hazards for residents. Lenawee County was placed under a winter storm warning Thursday afternoon in anticipation of 8 to 10, maybe as much as 12, inches of snow. The National Weather Service is forecasting snow to begin today with up to 10 inches of accumulation in parts of southern Lower Michigan by Friday night. The snow is expected to cause low... [Read More]
Republican Rand Paul, a fiscal conservative, single-handedly delayed U.S. Senate action on Thursday on a two-year budget deal meant to avert another government shutdown, objecting to $300 billion in new deficit spending included in the measure. [Read More]
The biggest question at the NBA trade deadline was answered Thursday in ways that no one could have anticipated... [Read More]