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Kate Connor's lies were exposed in tonight's Coronation Street, could her desperation to have a baby have ended her relationship with the love of her life Rana Habeeb? Kate and... [Read More]
Many Coronation Street fans have their hearts set on a potential reunion between Peter Barlow and Carla Connor - but those hopes of a sizzling new year kick starting a... [Read More]
EastEnders has launched its long anticipated Christmas trailer which has highlighted major drama ahead over the festive season, particularly for the Slaters and Moons. It all starts off well enough... [Read More]
There was one heck of a twist in the saga of the slimy Stuart Highway after Linda Carter managed to extract a confession in EastEnders. It all seemed done and... [Read More]
A federal appeals court has thrown out a power company's permit to build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail – and slammed the U.S. Forest Service for granting the approvals in the first place. In a decision filed Thursday by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., a three-judge panel declared the U.S. Forest Service "abdicated its responsibility to preserve national forest resources" when it issued permits for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to build through parts of the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests and a right of way... [Read More]
Surly is selling three pies for the holidays that incorporate beer. [Read More]
Imagine—just imagine—if a tiny, barely noticed tax on Wall Street could solve many of our nation's problems. Well it can!!!!!!!! [Read More]
A cowboy is made in eight seconds. That's how long you have to stay on a bull for it to count as a "ride." Any less than that is a failure. On the best rides, eight seconds doesn't feel like long…... [Read More]
Nintendo's NES Classic and SNES Classic are going out of production, making this holiday season the last chance for customers to grab them before they're gone forever. [Read More]
The seven-year-old migrant girl who died in Border Patrol custody last week has been identified as Jakelin Caal Maquin, according to Customs and Border Protection. A CBP timeline showed she couldn't access emergency medical care until roughly 90 minutes after she began showing symptoms. According to CBP, Border Patrol agents first became aware of the girl's symptoms during a bus ride to a Border Patrol station. Emergency medical workers began providing care once the bus arrived, 90 minutes later, CBP said. The seven-year-old migrant girl who died in Border Patrol custody last week has been identified as... [Read More]
Guernsey County Sheriff Jeff Paden reports officials are looking for a man who is a suspect in a bank robbery in St. Clairsville, and possibly a second bank robbery in Pennsylvania. Sheriff Paden said the suspect apparently crashed his vehicle at the intersection of Batesville Road (Route 513) and Putney Ridge Road in Guernsey County and walked away from the scene. A tow truck driver from Bill's Towing in Salesville was requested at the scene and provided the license plate information to... [Read More]
A 17-year-old Walmart employee apparently quit his job over the intercom at a Canada store last week. "Attention all shoppers, associates, and management… nobody should work here—ever," Jackson Racicot said over the speaker at the Walmart in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Racicot then shared the video, where it racked up more than 1,000 shares, comments, and... [Read More]
Golfers will golf no matter what the calendar says. It's not quite a heat wave outside, but on Friday dedicated golfers were back out on the course. We Energies Puts Together Cookie Book Archive Brant and Lincoln Golf Courses are open Friday.... [Read More]
Trump continued to have harsh words for GM and its CEO Mary Barra after negotiations failed to sway the company's layoff plans. [Read More]
Former Detroit Tigers TV broadcaster Rod Allen is breaking his silence just days after his former broadcast partner, Mario Impemba, also spoke. [Read More]
A Facebook software flaw may have exposed the photos of 6.8 million users to a much wider audience than intended, the social network confirmed Friday. [Read More]
Both men were arrested Thursday and charged with trafficking marijuana... [Read More]
The 14-year-old shooter carried a pistol and a rifle when he entered Dennis before being stopped by a heavy, wooden door in a stairwell.        ... [Read More]
President Trump announced on Friday that he has selected Mick Mulvaney, his budget director, to serve as his acting chief of staff. [Read More]