Does anyone else find it ironic that Virginia celebrates Jan. 12 as Lee-Jackson Day while ...? [Read More]
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El derribo de un caza israelí en Siria reveló la acción de la aviación hebrea para frenar a Irán en la guerra del país vecino. No es el único escenario donde se sospecha que las fuerzas hebreas combaten en secreto a sus enemigos. [Read More]
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Recent rumours claimed Salman Khan got Arijit Singh's voice removed from a song featuring in upcoming film Welcome To New York. This was the second time such a rumour has done the rounds. [Read More]
The stuffed mountain lion was found after authorities served a search warrant at a Lake Arrowhead residence. [Read More]
It's being touted as one of the latest salvos in the war on opioids, a groundbreaking procedure a local doctor says can help those in chronic pain break the grip... [Read More]
As many as 77 people may have been killed in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. [Read More]
State troopers paid for the flight of a distraught young woman trying to reach the funeral of her friend who had been killed in the school shooting last week. [Read More]
Pictured above is Mike Davidson, who is a basketball official from the Paris Chapter. Davidson has been named to the UIL Basketball Top 18 All-Star List, and he will have the opportunity to suit up to officiate the Girls' Basketball State championship games. [Read More]
Law enforcement is investigating after San Marcos Unified School District Monday night was alerted to social media rumors about a possible shooting threat to San Marcos High School. [Read More]
"At first I thought it was a car crash, but then I heard another one," said one witness, Jesse Hopkins. "Then I came over here and another guy here said they had a gun -- somebody had a gun -- and said call 911." [Read More]
I hope you understand that I'm writing this column with our youths' best interests at heart. As a former Major League Baseball player, I know exactly what it takes to get to the next level. My advice to players and parents is simple: if you really want to... [Read More]
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The Americans (2-1-1) will play the Czech Republic (3-0) Wednesday at 12:10 p.m. (8:10 p.m. Tuesday MT). [Read More]
انسانی حقوق کے کارکنوں کا کہنا ہے کہ شام میں دارالحکومت دمشق کے نواح میں باغیوں کے زیرانتظام علاقے مشرقی غوطہ میں سرکاری افواج کی بمباری سے درجنوں عام شہری ہلاک ہوئے ہیں۔... [Read More]
![Figure][1] BACE1 initiates the generation of the β-amyloid peptide, which likely causes Alzheimer's disease (AD) when accumulated abnormally. BACE1 inhibitory drugs are currently being developed to treat AD patients. To mimic BACE1 inhibition in adults, we generated BACE1 conditional knockout (BACE1fl/fl) mice and bred BACE1fl/fl mice with ubiquitin-CreER mice to induce deletion of BACE1 after passing early developmental stages. Strikingly, sequential and increased deletion of BACE1 in an adult AD mouse model (5xFAD) was capable of completely reversing amyloid deposition. This reversal in amyloid deposition also resulted in significant improvement in gliosis and neuritic dystrophy. Moreover,... [Read More]
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The Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead has triggered a rise in the sales of bulletproof backpacks. [Read More]
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'Black Panther' only needed four days and one weekend to pass the entire domestic theater total for 'Justice League.'... [Read More]
President Donald Trump Monday night endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for a Utah Senate seat, backing a GOP candidate who is a favorite within the party but who has in the past been a vocal critic of the president. [Read More]
The shooting of students at Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland Florida sent ripples throughout the nation on Feb. 14, and alumni felt the shock waves immediately in NYC. Now, they are banding together to... [Read More]
Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir had the crowd on their feet, some observers in tears and will have the gold medal as a memento... [Read More]