A football coach who shielded students when a shooter opened fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday has died, the school announced. [Read More]
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A man admitted to ferrying cash for a Mexican cartel after deputies discovered almost $180,000 in hi... [Read More]
President Donald J. Trump's made a habit of picking truly deplorable judicial nominees at an unprecedented rate. Even so, on Wednesday, competition for the title of "most deplorable nominee" got even tougher.  In August 2017, Trump nominated Michael... [Read More]
The complete findings of the FBI's probe into corruption and bribery in college basketball could reportedly have serious implications for some of the sport's biggest schools, coaches and players... [Read More]
No matter what, the Justin Verlander trade will always be seen as a success in Houston. He showed up, and barely two months later the Astros were 2017 world champions... [Read More]
B's ready for road trip; Nash sets career high; PK rolling... [Read More]
Williamson County Schools will be closed on Monday so system administrators can review and revisit safety plans. [Read More]
Nuevos detalles desvelados por la policía sobre la estrategia utilizada por Nikolas Cruz en el tiroteo masivo de la escuela secundaria de Florida demuestran la aparente sangre fría con la que llevó a cabo la masacre. [Read More]
"Whether the Andrea Gail rolls, pitch-poles, or gets driven down, she winds up, one way or another, in a position from which she cannot recover. Among marine architects this is known as the... [Read More]
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A Henderson police officer was shot Thursday evening, the Highway Patrol told ABC11. It happened about 9:30 p.m. in the area of Skenes Avenue and Nicholas Street, not too far from Yancey Elementary School. [Read More]
A Brockton funeral home is doing its best to fulfill the wishes of the family of the Brito brothers, Edson and La'son. The George Lopes Funeral Home said there will be specially decorated caskets that reflect the boys' childhood innocence, including one with a Spider-Man design. [Read More]
Alabama State Representative Will Ainsworth says he will introduce legislation that would allow some public school teachers and administrators to carry a gun during school hours. [Read More]
Colorado officials indefinitely shut down the funeral home and crematory this week of a woman who runs a side business selling donated body parts from the same building. [Read More]
If Dave Daubenmire wants to know why someone called him racist on Facebook, I can think of a few reasons... [Read More]
This case should be an eye-opener for conservative Christians who want cities and schools to fight back in church/state separation cases. [Read More]
These Christians said the same insane "sky is falling" stuff about Barack Obama. [Read More]
Jokic smashed a 63-year-old record with his absurd first half on Thursday. Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic recorded the quickest triple-double in NBA history in 14 minutes and 33 seconds on Thursday, easily smashing Jim Tucker's previous record of 17 minutes from 1955. The 6'10 Serbian center functions as a de facto point guard for the Nuggets when their offense is flowing properly, and as Thursday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks illustrated, it quickly allows Jokic to pile up statistics. That's not to take away any credit from Jokic — to record 10-plus points, assists, and rebounds in less... [Read More]
Speaking after the Parkland, Florida school shooting suspect's first court appearance, his defense attorney addressed reporters. Melisa McNeill described her client as "sad," "remorseful," and "fully aware of what is going on." [Read More]
Police have stopped a possible suspect who fled from the scene at the Arkadelphia Road exit of I-59/20 North. [Read More]
The FJ Company's reimagined vintage Toyota Land Cruiser Signature is the fanciest classic 4x4 you never knew you wanted. Read more and see photos at Car and Driver. [Read More]