Have you ever had a dessert pear? Seckel pear, a small delicious dessert pear, is known as the only true American pear because it allegedly first appeared as a mutation on a farm owned by a Mr. Seckel near Philadelphia in the early 1800s. Some folks think it's a hybrid cross of a European pear with an Asian pear. It's popularly known as a sugar or candy pear for its sweet flavor. Important to us in this area, it's resistant to fireblight, while few other varieties of pear are resistant. [Read More]
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On Oct. 8 the scientists' report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out. To summarize, it said governments around the world need to act quickly to reduce the burning of fossil fuels in order to have a liveable planet. In that same week the Nobel Prize was awarded to an economist who has said for 30 years that a global tax on carbon is necessary in order to turn us away... [Read More]