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As the largest district in the state, Albuquerque Public Schools has a daunting job, not just educating students, but making sure children d…... [Read More]
Roper started the program back in 1989 and it's been a station effort ever since. [Read More]
Two Albuquerque High School students and one former student were arrested after Albuquerque Public Schools police searched their car in the school parking lot on... [Read More]
As school shootings are on minds across the country, Albuquerque Public Schools isn't immune to such thoughts. [Read More]
The Albuquerque Public Schools budget will be the topic of a live call-in radio show tonight on KANW, 89.1-FM. Panelists will include APS Superintendent Raquel... [Read More]
Albuquerque Public Schools is currently fortifying security at district schools with a variety of measures that include installing and updating digital cameras, restricting entry and... [Read More]
Albuquerque Public Schools will talk about new safety measures and ways they're working to improve campus safety. [Read More]
Albuquerque Public Schools says it will install high-tech security cameras... [Read More]
Central New Mexico Community College and Albuquerque Public Schools will commemorate the next step in their partnership to expand education opportunities that are beneficial for... [Read More]
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