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As is usual when anything good is about to happen, Kathy Sullivan last week launched forth in these pages to proclaim the imminent collapse of... [Read More]
To the EditorWe'd like to believe that governmental bodies all the way from our local school boards to the looming federal level have the best... [Read More]
Not too long ago, I found myself in the middle of the American River Canyon, right beside a ranger responding to a call of a... [Read More]
A parent knows that if they turn their back on one child to take care of another one, the one they are not watching is... [Read More]
My birthday always brings rain to the foothills, it seems, and this year is no exception. As I write these words on my 46th birthday,... [Read More]
The red flag was a problem on Sunday. There have been some interesting challenges, and lack thereof this Week 11 Sunday in the NFL. John... [Read More]
The republic is founded on the principle of one person, one vote and that must be protected. [Read More]
Removing Mugabe is an important step, but what happens next matters more. [Read More]
Times have changed and so has the economy. Now, it's important that we all shift our way of thinking — for our children's sake. [Read More]
For the good of Alabama and his party, Roy Moore should immediately remove himself as the Republican candidate in the special U.S. Senate election. [Read More]
A video released Nov. 9 that showed a fatal shooting by a Chicago police officer underscored the value of cop cameras. Dash cams and body... [Read More]
about half the post-war growth rate of three percent. (President Ronald) Reagan averaged 3.5 percent annual growth by reducing the tax and regulatory burdens... [Read More]
In response to Randi Swisley's Another View on the housing crisis in Placer County (Auburn Journal, Nov. 14), I believe it would be helpful to... [Read More]
When we switch on the lights here in New Hampshire, we pay more than residents in 45 states. That's right, the Granite State has some... [Read More]
Here is the latest Main and Elm column from the New Canaan Advertiser. [Read More]
The Illinois Legislature can't help itself: It dictates to local government what it should do — without providing funding. [Read More]
Centennial Dam does not appear to be carefully planned or thought through by the leadership of NID, the public agency desiring to build this unneeded... [Read More]
I had a kidney stone about the size of a marble and it was stuck. It really hurt and Mickie took me to the ER... [Read More]
A few weeks ago, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry proposed that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), intervene in state electricity markets to establish new... [Read More]
One sensible proposal: increasing the use of drug courts, which divert some addicts into treatment instead of punishment. These have shown value in getting offenders... [Read More]
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