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Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty A top rating from the NRA is no longer the badge of honor it once was for Ohio Republican Bob Gibbs.... [Read More]
Having barely survived a scorched-earth Senate confirmation, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is now in position to tilt the Supreme Court to the right on a variety... [Read More]
To the Editor: [October 6] is another heartbreaking day in America. The majority of Senate Republicans and Democrat Joe Manchin, ignoring the pleas from... [Read More]
"I am not so naive as to think that banning assault weapons in Florida will solve gun violence. It won't," says Gail Schwartz, whose nephew... [Read More]
gun task force recommendations- PROVIDENCE — A task force formed to study Rhode Island's gun laws has... [Read More]
Attorneys for the village of Deerfield and gun rights advocacy groups are due back in court Oct. 12 to wage arguments in two lawsuits challenging... [Read More]
After the city of Bismark, ND voted to spend $25,000 to equip school "resource officers" (a euphemism for "uniformed, armed police officers") with AR-15s, an... [Read More]
What Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) did not say in his Oct. 2 op-ed, "I support a ban on assault weapons," is that, according to... [Read More]
A gun buyback event sponsored by several law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County resulted in the collection of 567 unwanted firearms, according to the public... [Read More]
'Assault Weapons' Found In Raid At Caldwell Home - Caldwells, NJ - No drugs were found after police carried out a "narcotics-related" search warrant at... [Read More]
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