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Gordon B. Hinckley, an 84-year-old optimist, took the helm of the LDS Church in 1995, when most Americans knew little about it. During Hinckley's 13-year... [Read More]
Kristine McIntyre has read "Moby-Dick" seven times so you don't have to. "I had to know the novel so I could know what was essential,"... [Read More]
Flemington Car & Truck Country chairman explains on 'Fox & Friends' the benefits being shared with his employees. [Read More]
My comments on Oregon's Measure 101 are made based on reviewing the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet and "Yes" vote advertisements and comments from folks I trust.First... [Read More]
Martha McSally's Senate bid adds a new face to the Republican race, but also gives Democrats new hope of winning her Tucson-based House district.      ... [Read More]
When it comes to Haiti and U.S. immigration policies, Donald Trump said he'd like to "take them out." Then there are those like Andrew Jones,... [Read More]
A new senior assisted living community is bringing its strategy of individual-based community living to Madison County. [Read More]
The Jackson-based company was the first tenant of the Jackson SmartZone incubator. Today the company and its spin-offs, Restaurant Logic and Codify LLC, are projected... [Read More]
After Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar made a dessert-based bet with Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy on the Vikings' game against the Saints, St. Paul-based Kemps stepped... [Read More]
Massena Central School Board of Education members have agreed to adjust the pay rate of some substitute teachers based on a combination of educational credentials... [Read More]
During World War I, chemist James Conant was deeply involved in research on what was considered the worst imaginable weapon: poison gas. During World War... [Read More]
Be as loud as possible, said Daniel Oyinloye.The program director of ARE, a Duluth-based poetry group, reviewed the terms of this weekend's poetry slam. Other... [Read More]
Long Island University is selling $76 million in rights to build on its Brooklyn campus to Uniondale-based developer RXR Realty -- the school's biggest expansion... [Read More]
The TV host, now based in LA, is thrilled with the news... [Read More]
By Elizabeth Marie HimchakA Rancho Bernardo family's process to adopt a dog can be seen on Animal Planet's "Pit Bulls and Parolees" television show.A rebroadcast... [Read More]
Airbus has been fined 104 million euros in Taiwan over a 1992 missile sale to Taiwan by a company that later joined the European planemaking... [Read More]
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer evidently hasn't visited a gas station recently. If he had, he'd realize that his recent diatribe against the oil industry... [Read More]
Different generations seem to have different priorities based on what is happening in the world at the time.In today's "me" society we all tend to... [Read More]
Many schools that place high on the state's Academic Performance Index, a measure of achievement levels on standardized tests, received low scores in The Times'... [Read More]
Applications are being accepted by Town and Country Group's office in Ithaca for jobs with the company that recently merged with a Midland-based company. [Read More]
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