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"Captain Marvel" is a muddled film but is resurrected by the strength of the acting performances and intelligent direction. [Read More]
RAILING against a new blockbuster – Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, above –  Greg Morse, a staff writer for the Desiring God website, warns that this... [Read More]
It's been a long time coming for Marvel Studios to make a film with a woman as the lead. Despite fans wanting a feature devoted... [Read More]
Jordan Peele's follow-up to Get Out is poised to take the box office baton from Captain Marvel this weekend. [Read More]
Nirvana's "Come as You Are" and No Doubt's "Just a Girl" lead the way. [Read More]
The Chinese calendar may indicate otherwise, but onscreen, it's looking a lot like the Year of the Cat. First there was Goose, "Captain Marvel's"... [Read More]
Diversity means big business, especially for propping up the already preordained box office blockbusters. [Read More]
Joe reviews the new 'Captain Marvel' movie. Find out how many stars he gives it! [Read More]
"I don't care if the Hulk could defeat the Man of Steel. I'm gonna rearrange your face if you continue to debate whether Logan's claws... [Read More]
The first one is a doozy. The second one, cute. [Read More] delivers local breaking news, local sports, schools, nonprofits, obituaries, business, arts and entertainment, calendar, local opinions and more. [Read More]
Perhaps more than any hero introduced in the MCU thus far, Carol Danvers embodies the virtue of grit, or perseverance in the face of opposition. In... [Read More]
Marvel could introduce a superpowered Monica Rambeau in Avengers: Endgame. She's already a superhero in the comic books. [Read More]
As Goose the Cat has stolen the show in Captain Marvel, we pick 10 fiendish felines from past films... [Read More]
The Captain Marvel train keeps rolling along. [Read More]
At the London premiere of new superhero movie "Shazam!" stars Zachary Levi and Mark Strong discuss online trolls who threated to boycott "Captain Marvel." (March... [Read More]
Marvel's latest superhero blockbuster "Captain Marvel" looks unstoppable as it prepares to leave another box office milestone in its dust after just three weekends in... [Read More]
"Without deliberate efforts to recruit and retain women, half the population will remain out of reach and the military." [Read More]
Captain Marvel will be at Disneyland Paris for Marvel  Season of Super Heroes along with the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers... [Read More]
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