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They may disagree on some parts of the Rev. Billy Graham's message, but Christians say the evangelist had a huge impact around the globe and... [Read More]
Christians are mourning the loss of evangelist Reverend Billy Graham, whose message of salvation has had an impact around the globe and right here in... [Read More]
God protects Christians facing contemporary turmoil and troubles just as He protected the apostle Paul in the first century, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Steve... [Read More]
Many Christians in Tulsa say they learned to find their faith through the gospel of Billy Graham. [Read More]
Russian-Orthodox Bishop Metropolit Hilarion recently stated a strikingly valid point, as cited by "Observatory of Intolerance Against Christians": "We often hear about anti-Semitism and Islamophobia,... [Read More]
"Well done, thy good and faithful servant." Christians and non-Christians alike can be grateful for Billy Graham's life and work. [Read More]
Compared to 2016, attacks against Christians in India by Hindu extremists more than doubled in 2017 amid efforts to label the religious minority a danger... [Read More]
"The GREAT Billy Graham is dead. There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions. A very special man," the... [Read More]
No Icelanders taking part in a new poll who were aged 25 or younger and identify themselves as Christians believe the world was created by... [Read More]
The Rev. Billy Graham, the magnetic, movie-star-handsome preacher who became a singular force in postwar American religious life, a confidant of presidents and the most... [Read More]
Here's one thing all Evangelicals — and Christians of every stripe, actually — hold to be true: humans are sinful. They cannot stop being sinful.... [Read More]
For Christians, Lent is a time for quiet reflection. For austerity. For repentance. But mostly it's a time for fish. Catholics and members of some... [Read More]
Before evangelist Rev. Billy Graham traveled to 185 countries to spread the Gospel, he held his first-ever crusade in Grand Rapids. [Read More]
Leaders expressed admiration and respect for evangelist Billy Graham, who died at his North Carolina home Wednesday morning. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP In a... [Read More]
While evangelicals share many beliefs with mainstream Christians, there are a few beliefs that set them apart.        ... [Read More]
For evangelist Billy Graham, it all came down to the "invitation," the climactic point at the end of his crusades when he invited people to... [Read More]
When the National Archives released audiotapes in 2002 that revealed evangelist Billy Graham making anti-Semitic remarks during a conversation with President Richard Nixon, the incident... [Read More]
Hultgren, McGovern want answers on denial... [Read More]
The Rev. Billy Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian... [Read More]

The Media Research Center on Wednesday announced a campaign to hold ABC's advertisers accountable for the anti-Christian bigotry spewed on The View. We are encouraging... [Read More]

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