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A man had a seizure, ear pain, and a brain lining infection following use of a cotton swab in his left ear, according to a... [Read More]
Over a dozen accused drug dealers were arrested as part of the operation, which began in January. [Read More]
Ashley meets up with Dr. Roshini Raj who gives us some helpful tips when it comes to cleaning towels, makeup brushes and your teeth! [Read More]
Improperly cleaning your devices can cause serious damage, but not cleaning them can be just as bad. We spoke to a cleaning expert and a... [Read More]
Cleaning is never really too much fun, so we found some easy ways to get rid of your old stuff online through Facebook Marketplace. [Read More]
There are so many things to do to take care of the animals at the Swansea Animal Shelter, and the animal control officer and her... [Read More]
People love cute animals, especially tiny ones. But how does it work? What makes an animal cute? Maybe, it is all about being fluffy and... [Read More]
Unleash your inner neat freak. [Read More]
The melt is finally on. And underneath all that snow that's piled up out there, there lurks a lot of mud, garbage and grime waiting... [Read More]
Need help getting rid of the clutter in your home? Make a big change this year with help from We Clean Out Everything. [Read More]
Local environmentalists are up in arms over budget documents released earlier this month showing President Donald Trump is making another attempt to slash federal funding... [Read More]
Have you been cleaning your teeth wrong all these years? [Read More]
A citizen-led volunteer group kicked off the Saint Patrick's Day Sunday holiday by cleaning trash and debris from the roadside, along Cohasset Road in North... [Read More]
ALEX Chapman began washing cars in his parents' driveway at the age of 13 with a bucket from Asda, some shampoo and a sponge, charging... [Read More]
Jack Weyers, President & Attorney, Family and Elder Law, talks about spring cleaning and estate planning. For more information, please visit or by... [Read More]
The Environmental Protection Agency worked Monday to clean up the mess left behind by the 9,000-gallon tanker that leaked gasoline and triggered an explosion in... [Read More]
With the arrival of spring, it's time to tidy up your investment portfolio. Here are three financial spring-cleaning tips you might want to consider. ... [Read More]
The Today has the answers for all of you housecleaning woes with an interactive program that guides you through the spotless process step by step. Here's... [Read More]
The Pentagon is reportedly lobbying for a more lenient standard for cleaning up toxic chemicals used for decades in firefighting foam that have been found... [Read More]
Don't do all the work yourself! Employ the latest gadgets to help with your worst spring cleaning tasks. [Read More]
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