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Leading members of Germany's Social Democrats voiced scepticism Sunday over a preliminary coalition agreement reached with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, days after the hard-fought deal... [Read More]
Martha McSally's Senate bid adds a new face to the Republican race, but also gives Democrats new hope of winning her Tucson-based House district.      ... [Read More]
President Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said in an interview broadcast Sunday that Trump and Republicans are "in trouble" if Democrats retake the House... [Read More]
Republicans, who used to insist that they were the political party of fiscal responsibility and that the deficit was an issue they could use against... [Read More]
After a week of controversy and bitterness, Democrats and Republicans hope to get their investigations into Kremlin meddling on a more collegial track. [Read More]
Democrats are buzzing about a potential president campaign from T.V. celebrity Oprah Winfrey. One can only image how the Founding Fathers of our democracy would... [Read More]
Sixty-one years on, Dr. King's words on Democrats and Republicans continue to ring true. [Read More]
Those darn Republicans! I read with great sadness Sandra Blankenship's letter on Jan. 8. I believe that everything she said about the Republicans actually is... [Read More]
The legal status of so-called "dreamers," young illegal immigrants raised in the U.S., must be faced in a near vacuum. And Congressional Democrats would be... [Read More]
Before anyone scoffs at Dennis Kucinich's bid to become Ohio's next governor, a few sobering facts come to mind for those who assume that, if... [Read More]
Democrats Hahn, a Suffolk legislator, and Cartright, a Brookhaven Town Board member, back Viloria Fisher to take on GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin. [Read More]
Constitutional rights are slowly disappearing... [Read More]
Democrats and Republicans who are desperate to end Donald Trump's presidency are looking with renewed interest at the U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment, which provides a... [Read More]
Democrats, Republicans and an independent are convinced the time is right for them to try to shape the world. [Read More]
The mood was festive at the annual Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner in Los Angeles. About 600 Democrats gathered in a hotel ballroom on an... [Read More]
Democrats want to strengthen the social safety net; Republicans want to weaken it. But why? [Read More]
Letter writers also weigh in on a recent column on President Trump, and Rep. Jim Jordan. [Read More]
GOP lawmakers, the Trump administration and Democrats were sharply divided over public land use and a Nevada standoff between federal law enforcement and a militia... [Read More]
During the recent DACA conference with President Trump, the Democrats have repeatedly stonewalled on the "rights" of illegal aliens. Meanwhile, 22 veterans commit suicide daily.... [Read More]
LITTLE ROCK—With a vow to set aside money for tax cuts and a call for colleges to halt tuition increases, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson's $5.6... [Read More]
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