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Employees choosing workplace health benefits for next year will probably not see a major change in their premiums. But they are likely to encounter more... [Read More]
There was significant variation in the percent of adults who report having been to the doctor for a routine checkup within the last year. From... [Read More]
One in 25 parents had postponed a vaccine due to their child's fear of doctor visits and one in five said it was hard to... [Read More]
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A new study finds obese soldiers went to the doctor on average 13 times in fiscal year 2015. [Read More]
A veteran who alleges she was sexually assaulted by a North County VA doctor has created a worldwide network of women who will go to... [Read More]
"I did everything by the books: prenatals, doctor visits, testing, everything," his mother said. "So, just to see him like this, I didn't know how... [Read More]
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