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The American Staffordshire named Gale escaped from her crate before she was loaded onto a flight bound for Amsterdam. [Read More]
Thousands of toxic toads are taking over Palm Beach Gardens. People are finding the invasive bufo toads on their sidewalks and in their pools and... [Read More]
"I couldn't explain what kind of feeling. I couldn't go home that day, I didn't know what to say to my kids," the dog's owner... [Read More]
Almost everyone has heard of a blood drive. People line up to give blood that can help save someone else's life. But have you ever... [Read More]
One of the official comfort dogs of Joplin's Martin Luther School has passed away. [Read More]
Downtown Roanoke has partnered with BioPet Laboratories PooPrints service to reduce pet waste left inside and outside the downtown area. [Read More]
Chase, who lived in Neath, south Wales, was hairless with a cataract and no teeth. [Read More]
To the editor: A huge thank-you to everyone who attended the Tim Grimm's Family Band concert on Friday evening (March 8) in support of Polly's... [Read More]
The owners of a beloved family pet are demanding answers after their dog died during a flight from Europe to Los Angeles. [Read More]
Walking into Laura's house you'll see a sign 'Welcome To The Nut House', this is because Laura owns *eleven* Prairie Dogs, a type of squirrel... [Read More]
Fashion expert Mark Heyes had to lead the 'temperamental' pooch away after he ripped up a toy... [Read More]
A 17-year-old has been charged for abandoning a dog that animal rescuers are calling a miracle after he was hit by a train in Hamilton... [Read More]
A dog fell through ice in Shawano, Wisconsin on Friday but was quickly rescued by the fire department. [Read More]
Meet the Chom Chom: The best-selling pet hair remover with thousands of positive reviews. [Read More]
News headlines often shed light on the dangers of pit bull breeds. Is it bad press, or is the breed actually more aggressive than other... [Read More]
The owner of a northern Iowa dog breeding operation has been charged with animal neglect. [Read More]
Alpha Foods has raised $7 million in new funding to raise brand awareness and continue developing new plant-based convenience foods for the mass market. [Read More]
They say Kensey, a 12-year-old golden retriever, fell into a canal and then went missing for three hours. [Read More]
An unlikely pair of friends are sticking together, forever, after being surrendered to a Boston area animal shelter several weeks ago. [Read More]
A family is demanding answers after dog died on a transatlantic flight to Los Angeles. [Read More]
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