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Under Doug Ford, Ontario's Progressive Conservatives are showing they would put the province's environmental gains at serious risk. [Read More]
The sooner Doug Ford puts out his plan the better, for both the PCs and voters at large. We'll have a clearer way to judge... [Read More]
Andrea Horwath's NDP has a platform that can be scrutinized. Doug Ford's PCs do not. A few weeks ago, that didn't matter. Now it does. [Read More]
Former Mississauga mayor praises a Liberal incumbent, then says his work needs 'fixing' by Doug Ford. [Read More]
Two weeks to go until election day — but the focus today is on two years ago when Liberals allege PC Leader Doug Ford was... [Read More]
​The Ontario Liberals release an audio recording that allegedly features Doug Ford trying to sell "bogus memberships" to help secure the nomination of the current... [Read More]
The Doug Ford campaign announced Tuesday if the Progressive Conservatives form the next Ontario government, they will bring forward legislation exempting all Royal Canadian Legion... [Read More]
Doug Ford inherited a party with a 20 point lead in numerous public opinion polls, the largest membership in our party history, the most money... [Read More]
Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford says his party will release a fully costed campaign platform some time before the June 7 election. [Read More]
Doug Ford says he "won't tolerate" problem candidates as complaints surface about Conservative robocalls. [Read More]
Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford arrived in Woodslee, Ont. on Wednesday. In the evening, he'll be in Chatham. [Read More]
The battered, unpopular premier, Kathleen Wynne, and the apparently ascendant NDP leader, Andrea Horwath, are competing over how much they'll spend. And Doug Ford is... [Read More]
Ontario's Liberal and PC leaders took aim at the province's New Democrats over an NDP plan to start decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station this... [Read More]
The voters have good reason to gripe. All their choices are bad... [Read More]
Ford awoke Tuesday to a new poll showing Horwath's New Democrats at 37 per cent to 36 per cent for his Tories. [Read More]
With two weeks down in the Ontario election campaign, voters are on the move. [Read More]
The long weekend has wrapped, which means campaigning will ramp up as we almost hit the halfway mark of this election campaign. Here's where we... [Read More]
With Doug Ford's PCs leading in the polls, activists are warning against a return to the social program cuts of the 1990s under former Tory... [Read More]
Doug Ford is the first candidate who could credibly claim to be an heir apparent to Alberta's Ralph Klein. [Read More]
Poll says working-class Ontarians are more affected by cost of living than elites, but both groups agree on the most important election issues. [Read More]
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