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To the editor:I was very surprised that there was no Eagle coverage of the Extinction Rebellion meeting held Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Berkshire Athenaeum.... [Read More]
Shadow chancellor tells court protests led directly to MPs declaring climate emergency... [Read More]
Activists from a group called Extinction Rebellion are threatening to fly drones over London's Heathrow Airport with the goal of deliberately stopping all flights for... [Read More]
UK Eco-Extremists Show Why US Needs a Counter-Drone Strategy The Daily Signal / by Jason Snead / 3h Climate change activists from a group called... [Read More]
London protests were disruptive but made rational case, officer tells court where three activists are on trial... [Read More]
Exclusive: Premier claims Extinction Rebellion using 'sinister tactics' such as traps, but police have never laid charges with such an offence... [Read More]
Crackdown includes new laws that make it illegal to possess a device used for locking on, and comes as Extinction Rebellion ramps up activities... [Read More]
By casting women of Extinction Rebellion as models in her Fall 2019 campaign, McCartney is making an audacious statement about fashion's role in climate change. [Read More]
Gail Bradbrook, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, has called for a mass ingestion of psychedelic substances in protest against the criminalisation of drugs... [Read More]
VICE reveals that the think tank behind a controversial report into the protest group has taken money from energy companies. [Read More]
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Four protesters reportedly wearing koala suits are blocking Monday morning's peak hour traffic. [Read More]
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