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The media still owes Gary Condit an apology. And as recent events have proved, they didn't learn a thing. [Read More]
It appears President Donald Trump's fear-mongering isn't working. A new study of American's fears from Chapman University revealed most people are more afraid of politically-related... [Read More]
A group with no publicly available information about its owners has spent up to $330,000 urging Brits to reject Theresa May's Brexit deal, according to... [Read More]
Facebook is battling a wave of fake news and disinformation in Brazil. Business groups have been spreading hoaxes supporting the far-right candidate in the presidential... [Read More]
The WhatsApp messaging service said Friday that it has sent "cease and desist" letters to stop companies from sending bulk messages related to Brazil's election,... [Read More]
After Flávio Bolsonaro tweeted his banishment, WhatsApp said it had 'proactively banned' accounts in the Brazil election period... [Read More]
An exposé by Brazil's largest newspaper could dramatically change the South American country's already volatile presidential election. Folha reported that firms linked to far-right frontrunner…... [Read More]
The United States and Turkey have both denied an anonymously sourced ABC report on missing columnist Jamal Khashoggi, with President Donald Trump weighing in and... [Read More]
October 14, 2018 THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS FAKE NEWS AND THE PRESS AREN'T DEMOCRATS WITH BYLINES: Remember the furor over Trump saying Robert... [Read More]
Courtesy Peter Cunningham The temptation upon seeing the title of the zinging, excellent journalism-based play, The Lifespan of a Fact, is to imagine that this... [Read More]
In the midst of a society that sometimes feels as if it has been taken over by fake news and disinformation, it doesn't mean that... [Read More]
Facebook is working very hard right now to prove it can be trusted to protect users from malicious fake news, political disinformation, and cyberattacks intended... [Read More]
A group of high school seniors in Arlington County, Virginia, are learning how to determine fact from fiction. [Read More]
Facebook's director of elections says the trolls are getting more sophisticated. [Read More]
Brazil's far-Right election front-runner was accused of setting up a 'criminal network' with big businesses to spread fake news through Whatsapp. [Read More]
Working journalists discuss experience of getting caught up in state-sponsored war to drive the news agenda across the digital divide. ... [Read More]
Former Pakistan FM was duped by output from Iran-linked fake news site... [Read More]
Twitter account falsely claimed Saudi religious establishment and former Crown Prince involved in plot... [Read More]
People and publications are making tweets about fake, sensational celebrity news to get people to register to vote. The links in the tweets lead to... [Read More]
The French president tries to allay fears of new barriers for Britons if there is no EU deal on Brexit, but he does not rule... [Read More]
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