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Instead of focusing on keeping the fire contained, firefighters are now in offensive mode to put the flames out. [Read More]
According to reports, two people were treated for smoke inhalation in the incident. [Read More]
Crews are responding to a fire in Prospect Tuesday evening. [Read More]
A Powhatan resident burning trash outside of their home forced local firefighters to respond to the area on Tuesday evening after the fire reportedly spread... [Read More]
Specialty firefighters arrived today to battle the flames. [Read More]
In the wake of a decision that upholds a costlier pension system for Warwick firefighters, Mayor Joseph J. Solomon launched another salvo of attacks on... [Read More]
A 95-year-old Forest Lake man was hospitalized last weekend after being recovered from a house fire by local firefighters. [Read More]
Legislation would deliver lump-sum grants to firefighters with chronic health conditions, and free counseling for trauma... [Read More]
Firefighters Tuesday held what may well be their last ice rescue practice of the season with the rescue of a dog that had broken through... [Read More]
The Jonesboro Fire Department responded to a house fire Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Bradley and Cartwright Streets. [Read More]
Firefighters have travelled more than 100 miles to cover shifts in Scotland, it has been revealed.A freedom of information request by the Liberal Democrats showed... [Read More]
Firefighters rushed to rescue five people who were left trapped on the second floor of a Worcester triple-decker after it quickly went... [Read More]
Firefighters know what to do when a fire happens in a home or business, but what about controlling a fire that breaks out in... [Read More]
Mayor Turner announced the layoff of up to 500 firefighters as a result of Proposition B pay raises. [Read More]
Honolulu firefighters rescued a paddler after his one-man outrigger canoe overturned in waters off of Waialua today. [Read More]
ABC13 is your source for breaking news from Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods. Watch live streaming video and stay updated on Houston news. [Read More]
Multiple county and volunteer firefighters are working to contain a fire in the Hurley/Helena area. [Read More]
The Greensboro Fire Department plans to conduct high rise training at the Lincoln Financial Building next weekend, according to a press release. [Read More]
For three straight days, a thick, dark cloud of ominous smoke has hung over Houston. Plus, hundreds of firefighters are protesting the city's plan to... [Read More]
SOLON, Iowa (KWWL) The Solon Fire Department has a goal to raise $4 million to build a new firehouse, after a record-breaking year of service... [Read More]
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