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Samsung, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Fold, foldable, smartphone, bendable, handset, flagship, expensive, report, display, protection... [Read More]
For those of you waiting for Samsung to finally make good on its promise as of a few weeks ago that its embarrassing Galaxy Fold... [Read More]
Thanks to a recently discovered patent, it seems that for the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung could have a very different approach that might pose a... [Read More]
A few months ago, it really seemed like 2019 would be the year of the foldable smartphones. Samsung and Huawei had just unveiled the Galaxy... [Read More]
Earlier this year, rumors, leaks and a new patent from Motorola made headlines, revealing that the company is poised to revive its RAZR brand with... [Read More]
Motorola's rehashed Razr phone could cause Samsung serious problems. [Read More]
Say hello to the TCL Flextab, the company's answer to the foldable display smartphones from Samsung and Huawei. At this point, we don't know much... [Read More]
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