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Going on safari can be a thrilling and remarkable experience. But in the midst of all the excitement, guides are quick to point out that... [Read More]
In advance of the Nov. 6 election, UT's Habitat for Humanity is campaigning for students to vote for a $250 million bond that aims to... [Read More]
The Virginia Department of Forestry announced the protection of more than 2,800 acres of forestland fronting the Appalachian Trail near Wind Rock and Mountain Lake... [Read More]
by Mary Catharine Martin By mid-August Bristol Bay's river systems are choked with fish, but early July, when most of the bay's sockeye salmon are... [Read More]
The groundbreaking ceremony for a new home on 1212 S. Kimball St. for a new home built by the Mitchell Regional Habitat for Humanity (MRHFH)... [Read More]
A $1.3 million land purchase of 266 acres east of Cal Poly will ensure natural habitat protection, hiking, bird-watching, the city of San Luis Obispo... [Read More]
Meet Max and Murray, two white-cheeked gibbon brothers who moved into their new habitat from another zoo in Florida. [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Rod Blum toured a Habitat for Humanity building site Wednesday where he heard concerns about trade and disaster relief for Iowa and made... [Read More]
Grouse season might prove a difficult one in northern Wisconsin, where heavy summer rains may have affected habitat. [Read More]
For over 50 years, the Smelt Brook Dam has separated a fresh water stream from the nearby Frenchman Bay. This week the Downeast Salmon Fede... [Read More]
The Eastern Massasauga's habitat in Illinois is relegated to a tiny sliver of land wedged between woods, a road and a cornfield near the Carlyle... [Read More]
In November, voters will decide how to balance resource development and salmon habitat protections. [Read More]
New research looks at how sea otters may use their ultra-sensitive whiskers and paws to find enough to eat in their murky ocean habitat. [Read More]
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This is an unbelievably wasteful time-money-effort exercise. It is also irresponsible and foolish. The cougar attacked a hiker in habitat where it lived and hunted... [Read More]
The "Over The Hill" cocktail combines Rittenhouse Rye whiskey, Gran Classico, lemon, elderberry syrup and classic bitters. [Read More]
Hundreds of years ago, the American bison roamed freely across the widest natural range of any herbivore on the continent -- a vast habitat extending... [Read More]
The adoption of 'silvopastures' -- incorporating trees into pastureland -- can provide habitat for forest bird species and improve connectivity in landscapes fragmented by agriculture.... [Read More]
The Missouri Department of Conservation shared a video of freshwater jellyfish at a Missouri state park to their Facebook page Tuesday. They say that the... [Read More]
Lakewood Ranch's Mary Ewert enjoys meeting Max, an umbrella cockatoo whose visit was provided by Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary . [Read More]
Greenbrook's Collin Freeman, 9, enjoys an up-close visit with a fox provided by Big Cat Habitat at the party. [Read More]
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