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Years from now, the most offensive Halloween costume won't be blackface. It will be dressing as Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King. [Read More]
Jordan Peele's "Us" made $7.4 million in Thursday previews, edging out other recent horror hits like "The Nun" and "A Quiet Place," and could make... [Read More]
Like Michael Myers from those Halloween movies, some things in life are (seemingly) inescapable. Taxes. Politics. Your neighbor's wifi networks that are strong enough to... [Read More]
🎶 I wanna see you twirl in a Halloween store cloak 🎶... [Read More]
Despite public consensus last year supporting a Halloween carnival on the Common and an outpouring of emails telling councilors such before Thursday night, city councilors... [Read More]
What's scarier than meeting Michael Myers? Trying to pitch creator on where his story should go next. [Read More]
It's not hard to make someone dislike you, whether you're interacting online or in real life. If you share something overly personal too soon or... [Read More]
Jimmy Kearney faces up to 30 years in prison for the Halloween 2016 murder... [Read More]
A corpse flower named Morticia is blooming inside the Amazon Spheres in downtown Seattle, just in time for Halloween. [Read More]
The 24-year-old had been at then-teammate Von Miller's Halloween party in Denver before wandering into a woman's home and sitting beside her 'mumbling incoherently' as... [Read More]
"Empire" sunk to series lows on Wednesday, one week after an already-rough midseason premiere . These were the first two original episodes of the... [Read More]
Purim costumes from all over the world as Jews celebrated the holiday that many call Jewish Halloween. [Read More]
Purim costumes from all over the world as Jews celebrated the holiday that many call Jewish Halloween. [Read More]
♪♬♫ "I wanna see you twirl in a Halloween store cloak."♪♬♫... [Read More]
Madea and the gang are back for this hilarious sequel. Madea, Bam and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must literally... [Read More]
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Former Denver Broncos QB Chad Kelly was accused of illegally entering an Englewood home after attending a Halloween party hosted by linebacker Von Miller. He... [Read More]
Purim is not the Jewish Halloween. It is a holiday that dates back to 356 BCE (that's 2,375 years ago), when the wicked Haman's plot... [Read More]
Former Denver Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly was chased from an Englewood home following a trespassing incident in October 2018 on the night that fellow NFL... [Read More]
Good Samaritan Award: Elaine Wilcox's service to her community of Fayette includes volunteering at the town library, where she made hundreds of children story hours... [Read More]
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