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Wikileaks became the target of baseless conjecture as part of Hillary Clinton's attempt to explain her "humiliating" loss in 2016, the organization's editor-in-chief told RT,... [Read More]
Congressman Ted Yoho says he's satisfied with the results of the Mueller Report and suggests an investigation into Hillary Clinton. [Read More]
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's near-tears told us all we needed to know on Friday, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered the knockout blow to the loony... [Read More]
Never mind that Russian collusion thing, say the Democrats. They have some new ideas to get rid of that bad man in the White House... [Read More]
MARK LEVIN: Well, you have collusion. You have collusion between the Democrat Party, the media and the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton, she's been silent for... [Read More]
In addition to Sen. Graham, other Trump allies have begun to call for investigations into some of the president's rivals, including former President Barack Obama... [Read More]
I am willing to give Donald Trump the same benefit of a doubt that Republicans give Hillary Clinton. Hillary has been investigated for over 30... [Read More]
QuickLink: Shock Claim: Clinton Team Hatched 'Blame Russia' Plan Within 24 Hours Of Loss Resulted In 675 Day Mueller Investigation - Of course there... [Read More]
Gov. Larry Hogan was still mulling a 2020 bid after special counsel Robert Mueller cleared President Trump of colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton... [Read More]
Imagine opening up the Twitter app on your phone and scrolling through your feed. Suddenly, you come across a hyper-partisan tweet calling Hillary Clinton the... [Read More]
Connecticut Democratic lawmakers are pushing for release of the full report of special counsel Robert Mueller. But they are also looking toward other... [Read More]
Senator Lindsey Graham is reigniting calls for an investigation into the Clinton campaign's connection to the Steele dossier. John Podesta, former Chairman Of Hillary Clinton's... [Read More]
The Bowling Green Republican compared the work of Mueller to that of former FBI Director James Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. [Read More]
at the end of the day, we know and we have evidence of a rigged FBI/Department of Justice investigation into Hillary Clinton, which needs to... [Read More]
Fox News host Ed Henry called out his colleague Pete Hegseth for suggesting new investigations of Hillary Clinton and others just seconds after saying "Can... [Read More]
The Justice Department's decision not to charge Trump with obstruction echoes the end of the Hillary Clinton email probe—in both legal and political terms. [Read More]
John Podesta served as Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman in 2016 and was interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators. Podesta's private emails were stolen by... [Read More]
Senate Judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Monday announced his intent to open a series of sprawling investigations into why the FBI's Trump-Russia probe was opened,... [Read More]
An effort to "counterpunch" by making 2020 about Clinton's emails... [Read More]
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