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In 2015, Michael Basile was slammed face-first onto the jail floor by Sarasota County Deputy Shaun Martin — shattering the bones around his eye... [Read More]
In Channel 4's '60 days on the streets,' a beggar has admitted he brings in more money on the streets than he would working. Darren... [Read More]
A homeless man is behind bars after police say he left swastikas all over Miami Beach. [Read More]
A break in the case of multiple messages of hate found on Miami Beach. [Read More]
Online influencers try to gain an advantage from homeless man's wisdom and learning, but he says all he cares about is reading. [Read More]
Homeless Man Accused Of Hate-Fueled Messages - Miami, FL - A 45-year-old homeless man has been accused of leaving a series of hate-fueled messages targeting... [Read More]
For months, Sean Kenna was obsessed with scrawling swastikas on public and private property, according to the Miami Beach Police Department. [Read More]
For months, Sean Kenna scrawled swastikas on public and private property, according to the Miami Beach Police Department. [Read More]
Eric Matlock, a Northampton homeless man, had three cases settled in Northampton District Court Wednesday morning, and was placed on administrative probation for six months.... [Read More]
"Where's the heart?" he said. "I mean, where is it? Where's the compassion nowadays?" [Read More]
Homeless man with knife arrested... [Read More]
KOLKATA: A man in his late thirties, who tried to snatch mobile phones from two street children at Lake Gardens, beat up a homeless person... [Read More]
A Conroe police officer found a man's body early Tuesday and investigators confirm he'd been sleeping in a dumpster. [Read More]
A homeless man carefully chronicled everything he is accused of stealing on his cellphone and then hid the stolen property in empty storage units, police... [Read More]
Eddie Lee Jackson, 38, told a police officer after the fist fight on Friday that he was being jailed over "some fool he left leaking... [Read More]
Police say a homeless man broke into a home in Burkburnett. [Read More]
Its been almost three years since a homeless man was beaten to death. His killer is still on the loose. It's our Crime... [Read More]
Sharwian Bobian, a homeless man who is accused of raping a woman in San Martin earlier this year, faced doubts about his competence to stand... [Read More]
Video KIRO 7 News in Seattle... [Read More]
Anthony Johnson's message "broke a teenager's heart" in Hastings, East Sussex, as he offered to work for free to "change his life" [Read More]
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