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Durham Mayor Steve Schewel talks about charter vs traditional schools, statues and controversial policing statement... [Read More]
The SC Democrat running to be the state's education superintendent is dropping out after a past felony conviction was revealed, the party chairman says. Israel... [Read More]
The move has symbolic significance, effectively recognising East Jerusalem as Israel's... [Read More]
Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday overturned an appeals court ruling that agreed with the government's decision to bar an American graduate student from entering the... [Read More]
Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday overturned an appeals court ruling that agreed with the government's decision to... [Read More]
LBRN (Louisiana Biomedical Research Network) together with Pine Biotech and the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center from the University of Haifa, Israel have established a bioinformatics... [Read More]
The number of confirmed measles cases linked to international travelers returning from Israel is up to 17, with 11 in Rockland County and six in... [Read More]
"Can You Ever Forgive Me?" es una película sobre Lee Israel, una biógrafa que tuvo un negocio lateral escribiendo cartas como Noel Coward, Louise Brooks,... [Read More]
Israel's high court ordered the release of a U.S. student prevented from attending college due to her alleged connection to a Palestinian movement. [Read More]
Lawyers for a U.S. student who was denied entry to Israel because of alleged support for a boycott campaign say the Supreme Court has accepted... [Read More]
Israel's Supreme Court ordered the government to allow entry to Lara Alqasem, detained at the airport for more than two weeks while she fought deportation. [Read More]
The move is the latest blow to Palestinians after Washington recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and relocated its embassy to the city. [Read More]
The passage is only used by UN observers, but it is hoped it will be used by Druze citizens in Israel to visit family in... [Read More]
In the new biopic Can You Ever Forgive Me? , Melissa McCarthy portrays author Lee Israel, who turned to forging letters by deceased writers... [Read More]
Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski's Facebook post goes viral after he describes his encounter with a volunteer from Saxon Friends of Israel on a plane... [Read More]
Authorities say M-16 rifle was found in Thaer Jaradat's home near Jenin, five months after attack on Border Police... [Read More]
Citing the loss of Jews during the Holocaust, self-styled leader of Israel's secular mainstream says he would 'rather the Jewish people grow and not decrease'... [Read More]
Tova Ringer, who lost her entire family in Auschwitz, wins annual pageant in Haifa dedicated to survivors of Nazi genocide... [Read More]
A team of Egyptian mediators on Thursday shuttled between Israel and the Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers in a stepped-up effort to forge a cease-fire... [Read More]
The consulate move further downgrades diplomatic relations with the Palestinians. [Read More]
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