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Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has done more for the state of U.S.-Japanese baseball relations than any other player; with Suzuki likely to retire after... [Read More]
This is the Ichiro effect. Richard Snitzer had never been to Japan. What finally drove the Japanese-American to travel here from his home in Hayward,... [Read More]
It might seem counterintuitive to some that kids with autism can benefit from karate, because children on the spectrum sometimes struggle with self-control, according to... [Read More]
It may feel like the electric car has been crowned the future of transportation. Auto companies have plans to make more electric car models,... [Read More]
Japanese shoyu, or soy sauce, was traditionally brewed in vats over two years in a process that dates back to the 7th century. Over the... [Read More]
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Contestants were judged for their dedication to perpetuating Japanese culture, education and passion for community service. [Read More]
The Intel-Cray system should arrive in 2021, but Chinese, Japanese and European rivals could come a year earlier. [Read More]
The pound fell against the dollar and euro on Monday as the Speaker of the House of Commons ruled out another vote on Theresa May's... [Read More]
World-famous video game company Nintendo was founded in 1889 selling Japanese playing cards, and has found both success and failure throughout its 130-year history. In... [Read More]
The qualitative selection of stocks in the JPX-Nikkei Index 400 sets it apart from the Nikkei 225....THOGY... [Read More]
Miyake developed tactile paving to help visually impaired pedestrians... [Read More]
The Japanese inventor's textured ground surface indicators to assist pedestrians at traffic crossings. [Read More]
Co has tied up with 2 Japanese varsities to indigenise electronic drivers used in split ACs... [Read More]
Five Japanese police officers visited Camp Zama March 15 to train motorcyclists on how to inspect their bikes and improve their riding skills. The annual... [Read More]
Superfan Naotoshi Yamada, famous in Japan for having been to every Summer Games since 1964, has died aged 92 with an unfulfilled dream of watching... [Read More]
In search of a new favorite Japanese spot? [Read More]
The Japanese government is to exempt genetically modified foods from safety screening, according to multiple reports. [Read More]
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What does Rep. Ayanna Pressley have in common with a world champion motorcyclist, a Japanese-American sculptor and an Anglican bishop? They are among the 250... [Read More]
Even in retirement, 90-year-old Akira Iritani still dreamed of resurrecting the prehistoric woolly mammoth. After decades of trying, the Japanese biologist admits he almost gave up. But... [Read More]
Google Doodle paid tribute yesterday to Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake. [Read More]
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