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PHOENIX — Rob Gronkowski is hanging up his cleats. On Sunday, the Patriots extraordinary tight end announced that he's retiring from the game of football.... [Read More]
7 Things All Corgi Owners Know | There are some things only corgi lovers can appreciate 🍑 🍑 🍑 💕... [Read More]
MoviePass's original founder and CEO is launching a new company, reports IndieWire, "to score viewers movie tickets for the low, low price of sitting through... [Read More]
Why you should know him: Josh Swickard lived here from sixth grade through high school (he attended Chatham Glenwood schools) and was in local theater.... [Read More]
Stephen Cavell closed his recent letter opposing the minimum wage with "I don't know what to do." By the time I had read to that... [Read More]
A student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has died in what police are calling an apparent suicide, just a week after Parkland survivor Sydney... [Read More]
Q. I know light pollution causes problems for some wild animals. I have read about baby sea turtles trying to make their way to the... [Read More]
 Friday was a relaxed, no-strings attached kind of day for students throughout the county who wanted to check out potential careers in the health-care profession... [Read More]
  Most of us know someone who has opened their heart to a child who is not biologically theirs. A man who steps into a... [Read More]
ANALYSIS/OPINION: The mantra of "pro choice" activists has long been to make abortion "safe, legal and rare." Some 50 million butchered preborn babies... [Read More]
Ask Charlie Schulte, a second grader at North Daviess Elementary, a question about the background of teams in the 2019 NCAA Tournament and he will... [Read More]
It has come to my attention that a few of you don't know about Crystalfontz, an online store where you can find displays of all... [Read More]
So we now know what Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign slogan will be: "No collusion, No obstruction." We know, too, that Robert Mueller's report will likely act as... [Read More]
SPRINGFIELD — When I read that some rich parents were indicted earlier this month for allegedly paying bribes to get their kids into some hoity-toity schools,... [Read More]
How contagious is Trumpism? Whatever the fallout from the Mueller report, that will be a question for voters to answer in 2020. ... [Read More]
JOSH MAGENNIS put his club woes behind him to score a vital goal for Northern Ireland. Bolton striker Magennis does not know where his next... [Read More]
RJ Laffins lived with congenital heart disease his entire life. The problem was he didn't know it. [Read More]
It's not often I, like most of America, make a point to watch MSNBC or CNN. If I want to know what leftists are thinking... [Read More]
I doubt it.  We tend to view both Lincoln and FDR through the lens of present-day sainthood, but if we saw them... [Read More]
Most home insurance policies for damage to your home & possessions in the events of storms, fire, theft, or vandalism. Home insurance also provides liability... [Read More]
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