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A group of 44 conservative leaders have sent a letter to all members of Congress that might be called a conservative wake-up call. [Read More]
To all the kneelers and their followers, here is my opinion on Kennesaw State and its students. [Read More]
Sometimes newspapers publish credulous fluff pieces about their subjects, but Tom Friedman leaves them all in the dust with his encomium to Mohammed bin Salman... [Read More]
Editor:... [Read More]
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 I am writing this letter to say that I was somewhat astonished when I read the "Web Poll Results" from Monday, Nov. 20 to the following... [Read More]
Voting is a rightThis fall I wrote my House and Senate representatives asking a bill to be introduced for automatic voter registration in New Hampshire.... [Read More]
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Helping the homelessWhy doesn't Concord have a place to leave scarves and hats for the homeless population? Manchester seems to have lots of places. I... [Read More]
Stop breaking upour familiesThe practice of deporting law-abiding U.S. residents living in the U.S. for many years should be ended now. This misdemeanor offense of... [Read More]
Eliminating the individual mandate also harmful. [Read More]
Poor of the world are concentrated in communist or dictator-ruled nations. [Read More]
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It remains the only open-admission shelter in the county. [Read More]
This is a timely follow-up to my letter "Educate students about alcohol abuse at college" published July 12 which indicated that students misperceive that their... [Read More]
I write with gratitude for the support I received from voters Nov. 7, and with appreciation for so many words and expressions of support -... [Read More]
Coming out of high school, my undocumented status prevented the fulfillment of a lifelong dream: serving in the U.S. Air Force. [Read More]
Letter: Town, state rushing into a project that could harm Westerly beaches- At the Westerly Town Council... [Read More]
By Dale Cuperus, Lakefield... [Read More]
As the Federal Communications Commission prepares to dismantle its net neutrality rules for internet providers, a mounting backlash from agency critics is zeroing in on... [Read More]
A letter newly released from the FBI's archives may prove that DB Cooper – the 1971 hijacker last seen leaping out of a plane with... [Read More]
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I enjoyed Randy Carocci's Nov. 22 letter, "Critics seemingly are in Trump-bashing competition," noting the onslaught of anti-President Trump letters this year. I agree, they... [Read More]
Ohio governor John Kasich declared a "Scarlet Letter Saturday" ahead of this weekend's football game between Ohio State University and Michigan University. ... [Read More]
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