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My introduction to Charlestown politics concerns a current budget line item of $3,095,000 to build a Community /Recreation/Senior Center in Ninigret Park. This is 10%... [Read More]
Editor, I am writing in response to Mr. Carl Christopher's letter, "Election section was advertising disguised as news." I, too, was surprised that the Standard-Speaker... [Read More]
Earlier this year, Bishop David A. Zubik formulated and shared in a letter to the Diocese of Pittsburgh a five-point action plan in response to... [Read More]
I was a victim of identity theft in 2013, but did not find out about it until last September. I got a phone call and... [Read More]
I am writing concerning the May 18 letter ("Drug importation lacks protections for patients") in which Robyn M. Boerstling responded to an op-ed in support... [Read More]
We 24/7 caregivers of our spouses have to become physical and occupational therapists, as the professionals come for just a few hours a week –... [Read More]
People who fish for a living need new berthing, enhanced branding, higher catch prices and a vibrant local economy. [Read More]
Last week volunteers helped clear the treadway for a new trail north of Greenville, a family-friendly hike to the shore of Prong Pond, with views... [Read More]
An open letter signed by 76 retired generals, admirals, and ambassadors calls on US President Donald Trump to stop stoking fears of war with Iran... [Read More]
Gov. Mike DeWine's recent budget proposal reflects his commitment to improving the lives of people living with developmental disabilities by raising the wages of direct... [Read More]
With all of the discussion and legislation regarding abortion, I have yet to see any mention of the father. Where is the Fatherhood Responsibility Act?... [Read More]
I must take issue with the May 16 letter "Opposition to abortion isn't based on science " from Tony Marconi, who espoused the "scientific" view... [Read More]
I respond to the Monday Dispatch article "Farmers need help to reduce carbon."Two sets of facts jumped off the page: "Agriculture and forestry account for... [Read More]
I respond to the Tuesday Dispatch article "Dance troupe loses local arts funding." I've been following the scandal involving former Artistic Director Tim Veach of... [Read More]
"The Global Crisis of Democracy" in the Review section of the Wall Street Journal, May 18-19, said the attack on democratic institutions has come from... [Read More]
I am tired of Republicans claiming the Mueller report says "No obstruction, no collusion, total exoneration." Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says "Case closed, move... [Read More]
Bishop Diego's senior Isaia Morones celebrated his final day of high school by officially signing his Letter of Intent to play football at Buena Vista... [Read More]
To the editor:This isn't something you necessarily dream about doing when you're a little kid. More than likely, as a little kid, you would want... [Read More]
As I drive home on the recently chip-sealed Hancock County road, I cannot help to think that we have our priorities misaligned. The new jail... [Read More]
Mirror, Mirror on the WallTo the editor:Do you know what you look like? Of course, you do. And how do you know? Well, it's that... [Read More]
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