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I am the  individual who was removed from the council chambers during the April 16 meeting. I'm writing in regards to the hits and misses... [Read More]
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How many judges? [Read More]
Letters: Readers air their views on news that the US president will be given the red-carpet treatment during a three-day visit from 3 June... [Read More]
Readers raise questions about allowing the importation of prescription drugs from Canada and bills in the Florida Legislature to build at least three new toll... [Read More]
In the crowded field of candidates for South Bend mayor, I support Regina Williams-Preston, an elected leader and longtime community champion who brings tested and... [Read More]
Celebrate Earth Day every day... [Read More]
Watching members of the Democratic Party vie for the presidential nominee role in 2020 reminds me of a quote attributed to Will Rogers years ago:... [Read More]
Without eminent domain, the utility would have to pay exorbitant sums of money to obstructionist land owners. This is tantamount to condoning extortion. One holdout... [Read More]
Letters: Readers debate the way forward for remain parties, how to prevent Nigel Farage from triumphing, and urge Labour to take a bolder stance... [Read More]
When our favorite artists allegedly commit unforgivable crimes, should we take the path of ignorance? Should we separate the art from the artist? This idea... [Read More]
Reader letters to Newsday for Sunday, April 21, 2019. [Read More]
If nothing else, Russia attacked our democracy. And the president benefited from it, continues to benefit from it, and has taken no defensive or punitive... [Read More]
Letters: Readers, including Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram, the mayors of Greater Manchester and Liverpool city region respectively, respond to Simon Jenkins' article advocating the... [Read More]
Letters: Readers share their views on the musician's call for other artists to stay away from Israel over its human rights record... [Read More]
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