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A local assisted living facility had not one, but two of Louisville's oldest residents with a lesson in how to live a healthy and happy... [Read More]
It was three days after Christmas when a trailer full of 10 horses pulled up to Cherron Davis' house in Helena's North Hills. [Read More]
A friend of the Australian teenage model who took her own life after being bullied online has also been targeted by trolls just days after... [Read More]
Our nation celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, honoring the civil rights leader who gave his life in the fight... [Read More]
The heavy snowfall on Friday night and Saturday morning, evident to anyone peering out of the windows of their homes, appeared to bring public life... [Read More]
Dr. King said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others." Mrs. King requested the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.... [Read More]
The Broadway musical "Hamilton" is coming to Kansas City in 2019, and early Sunday morning, dates were announced for the tour. The hip-hop musical about... [Read More]
When my dad dies, he leaves behind a sibling he did not know for decades even existed, one who appeared and then has ghosted him... [Read More]
I woke up to the sun slowly appearing over the big hill that faces our tall windows."One ribbon at a time" is a quote I... [Read More]
Cats can be aloof and independent. They require care and feeding, but having one or more can be rewarding and enjoyable. They can also improve... [Read More]
New technology and new missions are making it more likely every day we'll finally spot life beyond Earth. [Read More]
Don Hofstrand is a retired agricultural economist from Iowa State University Extension. During the last few years of his work life, he focused on renewable... [Read More]
You have other plans. [Read More]
Anyone who has looked up at the night sky has seen Earth's moon, and most have heard of moons like Titan, Enceladus and Europa because... [Read More]
For decades, physicists have struggled to create a quantum theory of gravity. Now an approach that dates to the 1970s is attracting newfound attention. [Read More]
As the nation prepares to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Edward Foggs refuses to be silent about the things in life that he says... [Read More]
Most of us call our trash TV watching a 'guilty pleasure'. But why does being entertained by the glamour, glitz and highs and lows of... [Read More]
Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen, who was the Mystery Speaker at The Hindu Lit for Life 2018 said to The Hindu's Diplomatic Editor Suhasini Haidar on... [Read More]
The ex-TOWIE star has confessed she's long mismanaged her love life - and is now up against the clock to become a mother... [Read More]
Jerry Sterr, my late father-in-law, was a wonderful mechanic. What did he do? On one occasion, he bought a wrecked Kaiser and a wrecked Frasier... [Read More]
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