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The selfie craze continues to take over enjoyable moments of life, and in some cases even life itself, so certain places are putting a stop... [Read More]
Louisiana Tech redshirt senior defensive tackle Courtney Wallace wants to make an impact in whatever he does, be in a football game or in the... [Read More]
Supermassive black holes sound scary, but it's believed they play a vital role in the formation of stars and therefore life itself. Now the grim... [Read More]
Editor: Reading the Wilson County News is one of my things to do each week. The opinion page is my favorite. The editorials and opinions... [Read More]
President Donald Trump likes to keep his campaign promises, and he wants to make sure you know it. From tax cuts to the wall to... [Read More]
A recession is coming. I don't know when, and what specifically will trigger it. But that is not the point. Business and... [Read More]
"I'm not a coach who says winning is everything," observed Ray Meyer, the longtime DePaul coach, trying to remain upbeat after the defeat 40 years... [Read More]
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