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A bill headed to Parliament would make it harder to win asylum and would also step up deportations, infuriating migrant advocates and even some of... [Read More]
A bill headed to Parliament would make it harder to win asylum in France and also step up deportations. [Read More]
Plan would curb asylum-seekers, raise deportations. [Read More]
French President Emmanuel Macron approved an immigration bill Wednesday that would sharply limit the number of asylum seekers allowed to stay in the country and... [Read More]
France's government presented a bill to toughen immigration and asylum laws by doubling the time migrants can be detained, strengthening police powers to search them,... [Read More]
Urges voters to consider migration as key issue... [Read More]
'You can imagine that a lot of migrants will try to get in the trucks,' says Philippe Mignonet... [Read More]
Massive influx of migrants ruining country. [Read More]
The bill would allow authorities to detain illegal migrants for 90 days, instead of 45 now... [Read More]
The Health Ministry is currently treating 184 Eritrean and Sudanese migrants for HIV. [Read More]
Diane Abbott said refugees should be allowed to bring their parents to the UK too... [Read More]
Electoral campaign slogans warn against the migrants' "invasion," but Italy's social fabric has already changed. [Read More]
An Australian newspaper editor who believes new arrivals 'should learn English' has been attacked by the left wing Labor Party. [Read More]
Mr. Carrasco, Trump did NOT create the DACA dilemma, Obama did. By circumventing Congress with his Exec. Order, likely to be found unconstitutional by the... [Read More]
Samou will explore the current migrants' tragedy in the Mediterranean from a postcolonial, transnational, and trans-historical perspective. [Read More]
At least 17 Turkish nationals, including a number of judges, have fled to Greece, adding to the more than 1,000 Turks who have fled their... [Read More]
A steady stream of thousands of asylum seekers have been arriving at illegal border crossings between the U.S. and Canada since President Trump won the... [Read More]
Polish-Jewish relations and illegal migrants in Israel, our readers have their say. [Read More]
Can Trump's nationalist message reach Italy in time? [Read More]
Claims Soros wants more migrants, open borders... [Read More]
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