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But have you noticed that Father's Day doesn't get the same attention as Mother's Day? Where's the love for dads? [Read More]
My Mother's Day run ended up being postponed. Our youngest was sick, teeth... [Read More]
UPDATE 6/19/18: John P. Conwell will continue to be remanded to the Department of Human Services for five years while he receives extended term treatment.... [Read More]
Every year, around this time, I write about my mom, because of Mother's Day and her birthday, which aren't far apart. This always causes her... [Read More]
As Mother's Day and Father's Day come each year, I'm reminded how we as parents can give gifts to our children. Teaching our children... [Read More]
Right-hander Freddy Peralta, who made a memorable MLB debut on Mother's Day in Colorado, will pitch again for the Brewers on Tuesday in Pittsburgh. [Read More]
Some recently released surveys hold some interesting insights into how we celebrate Father's Day,  ... [Read More]
Dane Senser and his family recently attended the Yanni Acropolis Anniversary concert at Vina Robles Amphitheatre for a reason one could never imagine. Senser... [Read More]
The Father's Day 2018 Google Doodle features an adorable family of colorful handprinted dinosaurs, similar to the Mother's Day doodle. [Read More]
I never put much support behind manufactured holidays — Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, National Grapefruit Day, etc. — but I have recognized and participated in... [Read More]
The idea for Father's Day came during a Mother's Day observance in Spokane, Washington in 1910. [Read More]
Recently I was reading a Reader's Digest article titled, "The Surprising History of Father's Day." I was surprised. Maybe you will be too. And then... [Read More]
Father's Day, as with Mother's Day, rolls around each year and our attention is focused upon the important role played by parenthood. It is an... [Read More]
Yeizo Campos tasted success when he started on Mother's Day on May 13. This time around, pitching on Father's Day, the son of Enzo Campos was brilliant... [Read More]
F ather's Day is a day, like Mother's Day, that presents an opportunity to celebrate parents, but for some, it isn't an easy day. [Read More]
The 10 runs the Orioles scored Sunday afternoon were more than they scored in the first five games of this week's homestand combined, which might... [Read More]
The first observance of Father's Day was on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia. Just two months prior, the first modern Mother's Day celebration... [Read More]
Today is Father's Day and, like Mother's Day, it is a very important holiday in households around the world. [Read More]
For our "Go the Distance" program, we partnered with Atlas Physical Therapy and Paducah Athletic Club in hopes of training people of all skill-levels to... [Read More]
Her son doesn't text or calls on her birthday, holidays or Mother's Day. What happened? [Read More]
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