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While President Trump continues to suggest NFL protests are for show, players are trying to address social fairness issues in a variety of ways.... [Read More]
"I respect why people are doing what they're doing, and they're doing it for different reasons, and that's okay." Tom Brady came out of his... [Read More]
NFL anthem debate will keep going around and around, but some are out there doing what they can to improve things        ... [Read More]
The President again called for NFL players to stand, leave "politics" off the field        ... [Read More]
As a veteran and avid Seahawks fan, I support the players who protest social injustice and police violence against minorities. [Read More]
Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins furthered the conversation on the NFL protest without even speaking. Last week during the franchises media availability, Jenkins explained to... [Read More]
Observer readers comment on N.C. House, In God We Trust, atheists, CMS, Matthews, milk labeling, Mincome, guaranteed minimum income, NFL protests, and Torrey Smith. [Read More]
Observer readers comment on NFL protests, Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un, Korean peace, voter ID, gerrymandering and pre-k programs. [Read More]
President Trump has suggested asking NFL protesters for ideas on whom to help next with his power of the pardon. But as Democratic Congressman Hakeem... [Read More]
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