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After the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the USSR paid more attention to the work on the atomic bomb. Kurchatov admitted: "If it wasn't for... [Read More]
Hen'na Hotels in Japan are run almost entirely by robots. So far, there are two robot hotels open —one in Nagasaki and one in Tokyo. [Read More]
North Korea says it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb in its latest nuclear test Sunday. Outside experts haven't been able to verify that claim, but... [Read More]
The worldwide cataclysm came to be known as the Second World War even though it was really only the second act of the first. It... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi, 88, whose survival of an atomic attack at age 16 was recounted in the book Nagasaki and in a PBS broadcast, died Aug.... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi was one of several prominent hibakusha, or "atomic bomb-affected people," who spoke out about their suffering. [Read More]
Nagasaki University said Monday it will launch an English academic journal on nuclear disarmament early next year. "We'd like to bring up the issue of... [Read More]
The atom-bombed Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were infuriated by North Korea's nuclear test on Sunday. "The nuclear test was very regrettable," [Read More]
Warning: Distressing images: Sumiteru Taniguchi, who never went a day without pain, has died of cancer. [Read More]
On Aug. 9, 1945, Sumiteru Taniguchi was delivering mail on his bicycle in Nagasaki, Japan. At 11:02 a.m., he noticed a rainbow-like flash and was... [Read More]
The blast was picked up by seismic stations all over the world, and it was big. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, which monitors the... [Read More]
Hydrogen bombs have never been used in warfare and can generate force hundreds of times higher than the atomic bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [Read More]
Former Nagasaki University President Hideo Tsuchiyama, leader of the peace movement and nuclear abolition campaign of atom-bombed Nagasaki, died early Satu... [Read More]
Best known for being the site of the second and last nuclear weapon detonated as a weapon, Nagasaki is filled with Unesco sites, beautiful scenery,... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi, who died at 88, spent almost two years on his stomach as his wounds healed. [Read More]
VICTORY: "In the summer of 1945, what most Americans on duty in the Pacific dreaded was the upcoming invasion of Japan. The atomic explosions at... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi died from cancer at a hospital in the southwestern Japanese city at the age of 88... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi, who devoted his life to seeking to abolish nuclear weapons after he was burned severely in the 1945 atomic bomb attack on his... [Read More]
Prominent nuclear disarmament campaigner Sumiteru Taniguchi was once considered a front-runner for the Nobel Peace Prize. [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi, an influential survivor of the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki who was known for having experienced severe, scarlet-colored burns to hi... [Read More]
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