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Nearly 20,000 students in Wisconsin are homeless. Over the last decade, the number of homeless students has more than doubled, according to data from the... [Read More]
Four floodgates are currently open at Mansfield Dam on Lake Travis and officials said Wednesday afternoon they expect that four more are likely to open... [Read More]
Ravi: 'The number of monsters with interesting mechanics, new skills and new gear seem far and few these days.'... [Read More]
A win in such a circumstance requires the work of a good number of players. But it would save a whole lot of time to... [Read More]
The Salvation Army says it's helping an increasing number of British victims of modern slavery. [Read More]
This generated $8.8 billion in economic impact, $1.1 billion in tax revenue, and 2,000 new jobs, the report indicates. [Read More]
Officials said Wednesday afternoon that in the next 24 hours, a total of eight floodgates could open at Mansfield Dam at Lake Travis. That would... [Read More]
Gender-affirming surgeries for transgender people are set to become exponentially more accessible, now that a cap on the number of funded operations has been lifted. [Read More]
A kitten that was thrown at a school bus in Winterport is alive today thanks to a number of people who stepped in to help,... [Read More]
Salmonella, here we go again. My my. This antibiotic-resistant Salmonella Infantis outbreak that has affected at least 92 people in 29 states pushes the CDC... [Read More]
It's been noted a million times that Democrats need to pick up 23 seats to take control of the House of Representatives in next month's... [Read More]
Robynn Briggs Stell was surprised to hear that a number of people with polio-like symptoms were popping up across the country, as her own daughter... [Read More]
Singapore has announced stricter guidelines on the maximum number of units in new blocks of private flats and condominiums in a move to tackle what... [Read More]
Fall marks the beginning of flu season and the return of people explaining why they decide to get - or forgo - the flu vaccine.... [Read More]
Amazon and Hewlett Packard chiefs on how the battle against cyber criminals is evolving... [Read More]
The increase in registrations could stem from the Trump presidency and other social movements, as well as news events like #MeToo and #RedForEd.       ... [Read More]
Illinois high school students posted the highest ACT scores in decades, but that achievement is tempered by the tremendous drop in the number of students... [Read More]
     Harborcreek Supervisors held a board meeting Wednesday night to discuss a number of proposals.  First, the preliminary plans for the State Troopers Headquarters... [Read More]
The ordinance limits the number of hives permitted in the borough, among other regulations. [Read More]
The "caravan" of migrants making their way to the US border has swelled to 4,000 people — as the number of undocumented immigrants entering the... [Read More]
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