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An anonymous reader writes: My elderly monther-in-law misses her computer. Her mind is okay, but she cannot use a computer because of her Parkinson's disease.... [Read More]
This discovery could potentially help doctors develop new treatments for Crohn's which will target a particular Ashkenazi gene... [Read More]
This is in regard to the story about Kevin Luke ("Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease 15 years ago hasn't grounded aviation buff Kevin Luke," Jan. 7... [Read More]
Parkinson's disease... [Read More]
The FDA has approved a new device that can help treat patients with Parkinson's. [Read More]
A retired North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper living with Parkinson's disease has completed his cross-country walk to raise awareness for the condition.Highway Patrol and Gaston... [Read More]
NIK SIMON IN TOULON: There is a twinkle in Marc Dal Maso's eye when he introduces the new love in his life. It is a... [Read More]
My elderly monther-in-law misses her computer. Her mind is okay, but she cannot use a computer because of her Parkinson's disease. I am not all... [Read More]
The world's third largest pharmaceutical company announced it would lay off 300 scientists. [Read More]
After a lengthy illness and a long battle with Parkinson's Disease, Glenn Craig of Hilmar passed away on December 18, 2017. He was 87 years... [Read More]
Roger was born in Wamego, Kansas to Marion and Ruth Fulton and passed away at the age of 74 after a long battle with Parkinson's... [Read More]
Rock Steady Boxing - a new program for people battling Parkinson's disease - is coming to Beloit. Eve... [Read More]
The Light of Day Winterfest brings the fight to Parkinson's and related diseases        ... [Read More]
Current therapies for Parkinson's disease are mainly of a replacement type and pose problems in the long term, so the challenge is to establish an... [Read More]
It's like a pacemaker for the brain, created to help people with Parkinson's. [Read More]
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced funding for Virginia Tech's research using electrotherapy that attacks brain cancer and tumors aiding the fight against Parkinson's disease and... [Read More]
Russell Holloway, 56, of Dallas, passed away peacefully at 5:45 a.m., on Jan. 9, 2018 in Dallas after a long-fought battle with Parkinson's disease. He... [Read More]
Annual fest raises funds for the fight against Parkinson's and related dieases        ... [Read More]
PADs for Parkinson's of San Juan Island enjoyed a very successful 2017 and would like to acknowledge all who are making this ground-breaking program possible.... [Read More]
A Parkinson's disease support group sponsored by the NeuroCommunity Foundation offers the following free events at the Simi Valley Senior Center, 3900 Avenida... [Read More]
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