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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he has made clear to the U.S. that Israel's security concerns must come first as the White House tries to... [Read More]
Canada's top general is forcefully rejecting the notion that Canada's new peacekeeping commitment isn't in line with the Liberal government's initial promise. [Read More]
Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to our print, online and mobile readers. We know there is a lot of preparation going on as you... [Read More]
Republican Senators remade their tax bill into an Obamacare-repeal bill, announcing Tuesday that they inserted an Obamacare sabotage device into the text. In a stroke,... [Read More]
Dispelling rumors about the administration's possible plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace, PM tells cabinet he 'doesn't see anything concrete'... [Read More]
A regionally diverse coalition of Northern California counties, water resource management and flood control agencies, and reclamation and water storage districts filed legal action Friday... [Read More]
JOHN MCDONNELL failed to reveal a series of crucial numbers in the Labour Party plan for the economy as Chancellor Philip Hammond gears up to... [Read More]
Dr. Perlmutter provides a plan that can help you improve your physical, mental and cognitive health. [Read More]
The Greenwood Wildcats played the game they wanted to play. It didn't have to be perfect - that'd be too much to ask - but... [Read More]
Is this really what they call regional planning? [Read More]
Afghan strongmen have already begun vying for influence over militia program that diplomats fear will undermine Afghan government and lead to abuse... [Read More]
There's a group of Christians who have peace of mind even while America's health-care system seems to spiral out of control. As an expression of... [Read More]
I was pleased to read a letter Oct. 14 from Jones Gallagher, which ended with the following: "We must not allow the government to intrude... [Read More]
Maine voters were wise to reject a casino with benefit to few, and should view this the same way. [Read More]
Just the mention of the words "cider doughnuts" invokes visions of "that festival season when nature is all aglow": red and gold leaves on a... [Read More]
After reading Kevin Miller's front-page article in the Oct. 28 Portland Press Herald, detailing the online retail giant's submission of applications to the Maine Board... [Read More]
In Cynthia Dill's Nov. 5 commentary, she writes: "Retirement is surrender – an early retreat to an artificial life when many still have creative energy... [Read More]
The Oklahoma Department of Transportation wants to hear from the public about the state's transportation priorities for the next four years. [Read More]
Your Sunday editorial, "Jesus Center plan still faces many questions," fails to ask the most important questions: When we direct homeless people — through systematic... [Read More]
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